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Support Investigating Corruption in My NY Workers Compensation Case - Help Pass "Di Pippo's Law" To Prevent IME Doctor Fraud

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Robert Beloten, Chairman of the NY Workers Compensation Board MUST STEP DOWN for allowing FRAUD, RACKETEERING, CORRUPTION, DISCRIMINATION to go unchecked in the workers compensation system for long enough. Senior Law Judge Stevenson MUST STEP DOWN for covering for Judge Clauderick Cole throughout the entire trial each time I filed a complaint against him requesting that he be removed from the case. I was discriminated against & then not only did the evidence disappear, but SWCLJ Stevenson removed Judge Cole AFTER I was forced to endure further abuse & ultimately was discriminated against by Judge Cole. Judge Clauderick Cole MUST STEP DOWN, for bullying me into taking I. Malik to represent me in November 2007 when my lawyer Alan Rothstein failed to show up, for yelling at me & trying to drown out my pleas each time I requested a postponement of my hearing, or tried to raise a point of why I didn't feel comfortable with I. Malik taking my case sight unseen. For further bullying me into being silent during the January 7th 2010 hearing, verbally abusing me & yelling at me to be quiet when I tried to defend myself throughout the January 7th hearing & then ultimately discriminating & ruling against me on January 7th 2010 after suppressing medical & other evidence. They won't allow a hearing, they don't want to give me a lie detector test because they know they will have a scandal on their hands again.

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I was defrauded out of the proper care by the crooked workers compensation system and almost died because of it. As the case dragged on for 2 years, a blood clot in question went from my left leg all the way up to my heart where it almost killed me because "it's their policy" to drag the case on for 2 full years till either you quit, throw up your hands & abandon your claim, or you die in the processing of your claim. I ended up losing my right leg due to lies told by a crooked IME doctor who was later caught committing fraud & perjury in the NY State Supreme Court after I initially reported him, but NY State still refuses to reverse the decision despite him being caught doing the same thing I reported him for. I vow to dedicate the rest of my life to advocating for the injured people of the United States, exposing the crooked insurance racket & becoming a 9" double sided jagged dagger in their sides. So if anyone that's reading this wants to help to expose these criminals for what they really are, then by all means please lend your signature to this petition. Believe it or not, you're already a victim of insurance fraud because the crooked insurance companies artificially raise your rates & premiums by claiming that everyone else is committing insurance fraud, meanwhile back at the ranch, it's these lowlife money thieving, fraudulent, embezzling, rate hiking, pilfering, swindling, cheating, lying, peculating criminals who are the ones defrauding everyone. 

I made a custom link ~> so it would be easier to sign & share this petition with your friends & family. Ask everyone to sign. Let's make this go VIRAL! Please share on, as well to help my family & I get justice. NY State basically said "Screw you AND your family" to us. =( To date literally thousands of first responders have suffered & died from residual respiratory illnesses due to 911 as they waited around for the corrupt powers that be, to allocate money that was supposed to go to terrorist Countries & crooked regimes, then "allow" us to get some healthcare. That's ok,.. wait till you hear what our family has to say to YOU!

I’m asking for your support in the form of your signature to help expose and right a miscarriage of justice that was perpetrated against me by the NY State Workers’ Compensation Board, and the corrupt system in which it operates. [[( this is a window into how New York State works & treats its citizens. My crew & I selflessly rendered assistance when New York City was attacked on 911. We tried our best to help & without hesitation blindly ran towards the buildings instead of away. Then we're asked to return and put life & limb on the line down & around Ground Zero by the EPA, (environmental protection agency), our government officials and leaders. We're repeatedly lied to & told the air was safe to breathe, and it was ok to return or remain there. The entire time we traversed Manhattan, we encountered approximately 4" of toxic snow, asbestos, dust, debris & death on everything we touched. The air we were breathing was deadly to say the least. We remained loyal & returned to the area on & off for many years knowing that there was a strong possibility that we could become very sick, or worse. Well, it finally happened, I became sick, ~> WTC Medical Monitoring Program <~ and one of my close friends Pauly eventually succumb to cancer. =( We had to fight to get a lousy dollar, any support or healthcare at all, yet the United States thought it was ok to give millions of our hard earned tax dollars to terrorist countries that yell "DEATH TO AMEDEEKA" & vow to kill us on sight. NY State actually had to vote in whether or not to give us healthcare coverage, and when they did, (only because of public pressure) they threw it in our faces like they did us a favor & we owed them something. I sincerely in my heart think that NY State should change its motto from "The Empire State" to "The Scam State"]] Finally, it was time for New York State to evaluate a severe injury case & return the favor, but the City turned its back on me & my family in a documented, public obvious case of insurance fraud, discrimination, corruption, neglect & attempting to cover it up and then they sided with the criminals. Then after they find out these entities were all guilty & that my documented complaints & accusations of fraud were the truth, they refuse to reverse the decision or admit they made a grave potentially deadly mistake. (all links below) Talk about corruption & FRAUD! I was working as a - Sheetmetal Workers International Association Union Sign Hanger for Local 137 based in Astoria, Queens when I fell off my crane August 2nd 2006 receiving multiple severe injuries that required several surgeries when this case started. NY State Workers Compensation violated my civil, constitutional as well as my rights to privacy during this case. Law promises expeditious care, a fair & impartial trial, and privacy ~> HIPAA <~ in compliance of handling your personal information and I received NONE of this. The NYS WC system failed my family & I first & foremost by not providing the proper care at a most critical time due to negligence, incompetence & the fraudulent manner in which they handled my case. NY State was made aware that the reports/testimonies of an IME doctor who would later gain national attention as he was caught committing perjury in the NY Supreme Court, were false. This IME was caught doing the exact same thing to another innocent injured claimant that I myself & many others reported him for previously. The NY State Workers Compensation Board is well aware of ALL the facts & that I was discriminated against by the presiding judge. I filed complaints against him dating from November 2007 - January 7th 2010 for trying to intimidate me for reporting this fraud, yet they allowed him to remain on the case and even sent letters trying to refute my claims, until I threatened to go public. How is an injured claimant supposed to get a fair & impartial trial from a verbally abusive angry judge that  he filed 4 different complaints against over several years requesting the same judge be removed from the case? ALL of the law firms who reviewed my case said the same exact thing. "He should've recused himself from the case". Though he was finally removed from my case after a pivotal malicious ruling against me in regards to amending in a potentially deadly causally related DVT (blood clot), the verbal abuse, discrimination and insults didn't stop there. I have it ALL documented ON paper in the minutes, & on tape. It's sad when you alert YOUR elected officials, that you have a blood clot slowly advancing up your leg towards your heart & lungs where it will eventually kill you, that you've been discriminated against for exposing fraud, and the insurance company set you up with a crooked IME doctor that they know is going to downplay, dismiss & discredit your injuries so they don't have to pay, and even your elected officials won't help you. (please sign this petition to expose corruption & fraud)

They were well aware that the IME doctor was misrepresenting evidence, as my lawyer and I provided competent medical reports that not only negated his claims, but showed smoking gun proof of perjury. (links below) New York State actually released this corrupt monster back into the system unscathed to prey upon & victimize hundreds of thousands more poor legitimately innocent injured claimants again. Who knows how many other people were seriously injured or even killed for that matter as a result of being neglected vital medical care because of this doctor? This is a racket for all of them. The government, the IME doctors, the insurance companies, lawyers, judges, clerks and anyone employed by the aforementioned ALL profit from pimping these crooked doctors & insurance fraud. They point the finger at & threaten poor defenseless you & I, the backbone of America, and the ones who allow them to sit behind a desk twiddling their thumbs while receiving a paycheck are the real criminals. Your State cannot tax Workers Compensation payments or the benefits due to you as awards for your pain & suffering, so they have exactly ZERO interest in helping you fight for your right to that money, or those benefits. They can't get their greedy claws on the money via taxation if it belongs to YOU, but they can if the insurance company wins a judgment or trial against you, and that my friends is why the government won't lift a finger to help us. (links below) The system neglected competent medical evidence & abused me in an attempt to silence me to refrain from exposing the fraudulent insurance, IME doctor, Workers Compensation link. As I filed these complaints, the same judge who tried to cover for the presiding judge I filed complaints against, illegally removed all the evidence & claimed all these important medical records & documents were "sent it back to me", when we requested this evidence be scanned in so we could expose the scam. Everything i'm saying is documented in blood, my blood. The law states that coverage starts immediately in some facet upon injury, yet my family & I had to wait 5 months as requests for MRI's went unanswered, bills piled up, creditors destroyed my good standing status, & my body slowly deteriorated.

(please sign this petition to expose fraud)

I have over 200 pieces of competent medical evidence proving that my case was ignored by State officials, executives at the Workers Compensation Board, the presiding judge & the appeals panel. The advocates for injured workers said to me verbatim; "Mike, we even went behind the scenes & told the head judge, hey, you really need to look at this", and I asked what did he say. They said, "he refused". That's corruption at its finest, and a creepy greasy NY State thing where they won't step on each other's toes, or rat. Well guess what hawks & eagles, this gopher got away, and though he's limping & lost a limb, he's warning all the other gophers about the circling predators that work in NY State. It reminds me of the blue code of silence by the NYPD many years ago that was broken when one officer decided he was not going to be corrupt or dirty, and he stood up for what he believed to be right, and what the badge meant to him. Then they set him up & tried to have him killed. Here is a file copy by the workers compensation board still working on getting me coverage on November 17th 2006 where they relieve AIG insurance of responsibility of coverage almost FOUR (4) months later after my August 2nd 2006 injury ~> EXHIBIT A. You're not fit to handle someone's severe injuries & get them the proper care when it takes near 5 months to do so. Here's a form dated 12/06/06  <~ FOUR (4) months after my serious injuries to multiple parts of my body submitted by my doctor requesting multiple MRI's that had still gone unanswered, while I sat in my home awaiting some sort of coverage to get any type of care. Everything you see on my Workers Compensation case is LIES, FRAUD & only what the NYS Workers Compensation Board wants you to see when you look in there. NONE of the evidence I attempted to submit on January 7th 2010 that the presiding judge at the time, who I eventually had removed from the case that SUPPRESSED the evidence as I attempted to submit it, is in there. NONE of the evidence that we worked on for 2 weeks with the advocates for injured workers daily & submitted with our appeal within the 30 days allowed to appeal was in there. NONE of the evidence we submitted with our request for a full board review that we submitted was in there. (please sign this petition to expose fraud)

The NYS Workers Compensation Board did a GREAT job at suppressing our evidence, but they won't be able to do it any longer because I'm BLOWING THE WHISTLE! (The intake office in Binghamton, NY never scanned in this evidence, they never alerted us by phone or letter that it couldn't be scanned in) During the entire case that is a sham, I received several "causally related" injuries as a result of overcompensating for other injuries waiting for  the proper care. Finally after 5 months I got coverage & my first payment from the 2nd crooked insurance company (CRM) comp risk management of Poughkeepsie, NY to take over the case, but not before a fiasco of circus proportions. =( Nobody will take responsibility for any of this, yet my family & I remain a victim of neglect, discrimination, abuse, corruption & fraud by the NYS Workers Compensation system that was supposed to be my care takers in my time of need. My advice to everyone in the construction trade, don't get hurt & if you have the means & money MOVE OUT OF NY STATE NOW while you still can. Shortly after this, the (CRM) Comp Risk Management scandal started as checks were delayed for months, stopping & starting several times as my family filed complaints after complaint only to be abused by a judge who would later discriminate against me, leaving me a cripple for the rest of my life. =( (please sign this petition to expose fraud) will be live by August 18th 2016 detailing my story with photographs, evidence, helpful links, contacts, info where to report judges, IME doctors, insurance companies for crimes against you & your family along with advice on how to properly document an injury and avoid the pitfalls of this fraudulent racket that is the Workers Compensation System. This debacle caused an irreversible condition that would later almost kill me, diminish my quality of life from an active fun loving individual & strong contributing part of society, to nothing more than an entity confined to a bed who is fed 3 times a day like an animal in a cage, given medication to subside the pain after having my leg chopped off at the hip, and the occasional treat of a visitor or my real friends or family in a nursing home. My family deserves closure, we deserve answers, accountability, and compensation to say the least. This could have happened to any one of you, & I wouldn't wish this on a politician. Please help us get justice & show your support by signing & sharing my petition with your friends & family. Criminals don't like when you turn on the lights, they scatter like cockroaches, so let's turn them up full blast. Neglect, fraud & corruption knows no bounds, and as a result of this injustice I almost died twice so far. Once on August 18th 2014 due to the negligence in handling extremely valuable competent medical evidence sent in to them, compounded by their failure to properly document this evidence, and then attempting to cover up for it once they were notified of it. The 2nd time I neared death was when my blood pressure dropped on the operating table during 1 of the 12+ operations I had because of this negligence requiring 5 blood transfusions & 2 plasma transfusions. The NY State Workers Compensation Board, their executive staff in Albany NY, executives at 186th Street in Jamaica NY, Governor Cuomo, Senator Gillibrand, and Carolyn Maloney were repeatedly made aware of laws being broken, violations of my rights, documented smoking gun evidence regarding egregious crimes against my family & I with all the facts pertaining to this case through various appeals, fact sheets, emails, phone calls all gone unanswered. (please sign this petition to expose fraud)

This administration purposely ignored my family's pleas in order to cover for a bias, discriminate ruling against me by a WCLJ that I filed complaint after complaint against requesting to have him removed from my case for bullying me, attempting to intimidate me by staring at me for 2 full minutes as the hearing started, yelling, screaming, slamming & punching the bench, posturing from his bench, verbal abuse, then ruling & discriminating against me at a crucial time when I needed desperate medical care. The results of this egregious crime leaves me permanently disabled in a wheelchair & unable to walk for the rest of my life due to irreparable damage to my left leg & amputation of my right leg. If you would like to help me & my family get justice & expose this crime & the corrupt practices in the NY Workers Compensation System or the one in your State, please sign & share this petition, ask your friends to sign as well. Become an ambassador of good will because karma will eventually come around full circle, you will be rewarded, the criminals will be taken out with extreme prejudice by 1 judicious swipe of the double edged sword of justice. Please help by copy & pasting this link everywhere & tell your friends to sign. Call the NYS Workers Compensation Board, call the NY State Senators, call the Whitehouse & tell them what an injustice has been done to me. Thank you in Advance & God Bless you & your families.  It is not in dispute that NY State knows very well what happened to me & what's going on.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:
thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

(please sign this petition to expose fraud)

It's time to blow the whistle on corruption & fraud. No, it's not by you and I, it's by your City & State with the help of insurance companies, their IME doctors & their lawyers. I'm in it for the long haul. I will not quit, I will not falter until I expose them for what they did to me & what they are. I have ALL proof & evidence which is available upon request to reputable sources only. I have not been home or seen my friends and family since August 18th 2014. I will probably be in this hospital for another year before I can be released, my prosthetic leg was DENIED. Here's a few samples of the evidence that the NYS Workers Compensation Board was notified repeatedly 23 times by letters, calls, emails to the Office Of General Counsel (i hope the link works, my 1st time using dropbox) emails sent from 2010 to 2014 after the case in an attempt to get justice. They didn't even know it was sent in and made an unjust, unfair decision without seeing over 70 pieces of actual competent medical evidence, including bills, photos, cat scan, breathing tests, minutes, proof of perjury etc. I guess they think it's easier to ignore & screw over an injured claimant who blew the whistle on fraud & corruption than admitting the serious problem of discrimination, bias, corruption & neglect in my case. You POS picked the wrong guy.

Here's emails over a 4 year period sent to the NYS Workers Compensation Board with photographs of my injuries, tracking numbers etc.





Here's the most important email that shows the date & time it was signed for by NYS Workers Compensation with 17 color photographs in April of 2010 that were taken in 2006 between August 5th 2006 (the next day after the accident,) & the others August 11th 2006 (the first date of treatment from my doctors). (please sign this petition to expose fraud)



Here is the online album of injury photos that the insurance company's lawyers, and now the NYS Workers Compensation Board claim don't exist, simply because it was mishandled & not scanned in by the NYS Workers Compensation intake office in Binghamton, NY when we sent it. We documented its arrival both electronically & on paper. We have a letter from the same department stating "We are in possession of 17 color photographs that we no longer need, so we are returning them to you", yet they are claiming "there was no injuries to your lower extremities, only to your upper extremities", in order to give the same judge's decision who I filed repeated complaints against, some credence. It was crucial that this evidence was scanned in to the computer for our 1st appeal in order to prove my case was mishandled & that I was discriminated against. It's ok, time for the truth. The evidence miraculously disappeared. How about that?!? Guess what? WE HAVE COPIES!! Imagine that, you send in evidence of neglect, verbal abuse, fraud, perjury & discrimination, they claim they didn't get it. Then you provide a signature, tracking info, date & time it was accepted & they then claim "It was sent back to you" when it was imperative that it be scanned in so I can get the necessary treatment for a blood clot that's crawling up my body where it will eventually reach my lungs & heart & kill me. It finally reached its destination on August 18th 2014. Our family thinks it's very odd that the head Judge at 186th St in Jamaica, NY who sent letters attempting to cover for the presiding judge I filed complaints against is the one who illegally removed the evidence from the Upstate, NY Binghamton office & it mysteriously disappeared, yet they claimed "I heard it was sent back to you". What none of these workers knew until it was too late is that I called each department from the office of general counsel, all the way down to the evidence room daily to squeeze them for information without either of them knowing the others were all looking for the same evidence.  Sometime secret ops are needed to assure honesty & it worked. Below is enough evidence to show something was very wrong & an attempted cover up ensued. I have all names, ranks & numbers of those involved because I documented everything from dates, times, calls etc. (please sign this petition to expose fraud)


Please sign my petition as insurance fraud & corruption affects us all, and you never know when YOU will be next! The above links are just samples I have to prove everyone was knowledgeable about the miscarriage of justice against me. ANY attempts to silence me by any means will result in a stronger more fierce campaign followed by repeated press releases by my family & I. Blogging & media releases have already been sent out. The problem I want to solve is the corruption of my New York State Workers Compensation Case, discrimination, fraud perpetrated by the insurance companies, their IME's, lawyers, and I want to break the code of silence regarding the cover up of my case once and for all. It's too late for me as I will never be able to walk again. However, if I am able to save one person’s life, or one other person’s limb, losing mine will not have been in vain. On August 4th 2006 I slipped on hydraulic fluid and suffered a fall from a crane breaking several bones, tearing tendons, knocking out teeth, damage to my left ankle, foot, knee, face, ribs, jaw etc. My friends picked me up & put me in the back of a car to rush me to the hospital. I had to get 2 casts, 1 for broken right hand (torn TFCC was determined months later), fractured 5th metacarpal, next left wrist fracture, (also torn TFCC months later), with bi-lateral ligament/tendon damage. We also took many X Rays of my left leg & ankle. It was diagnosed I may need surgery on both hands, MRI’s requested for left foot, ankle, both wrists that would not come until my left ankle was completely destroyed requiring surgery, and right ankle slowly deteriorated going from being not injured at all, to needing surgery due to overcompensating for the left. Talk about negligence, abandonment & intentionally stalling by insurance companies. However, first you must pass the IME gauntlet of highly paid IME's (independent medical examiners that are nothing more than crooked hired gun doctors, "not all", who are under extreme pressure to downplay, dismiss & deny your injuries for the insurance companies. (please sign this petition to expose fraud)

In order to justify their massive paychecks ($3 or $4,000) they evaluate you to perform, if at all, a brief 3 - 4 minute medical evaluation and put an "F" for failing grade on your medical report card, and the fees double if they have to testify in a case. If they agree with your injuries one too many times, they face being left off the insurance company's list of "favored" doctors to send referrals to when injured claimants need to be evaluated. We may as well put a gun to our heads the minute we get hurt. Insurance companies make it so hard to get benefits & coverage so you throw your hands up in the air & abandon your claim, or prepare to lose everything you worked so hard to get. A short time later I developed a DVT (deep venous thrombosis) or blood clot in the left leg from sitting there waiting for treatment for so long. The DVT exploded in my leg September 5th 2008 requiring me to be rushed to the hospital and required short 3 day stay. After notifying the insurance company, they said I needed to go to see their IME doctor, I complied. Everyone knows that IME’s are nothing more than hired gunman or MEDICAL WHORES for the insurance companies who lie cheat & steal to make a dollar. I believe that we as legitimately injured claimants should file a federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) law suit against lying IME's, against the insurance companies they represent, their lawyers and New York State for partnering with them, and allowing this egregious crime to fester. I was there a total of approximately 3 - 4 minutes & an argument ensued when he grabbed and man-handled my wrist in an attempt to discredit my doctors’ diagnosis. I filled out the clipboard and left. After receiving his report and reading false claims later that month that he spent all this time evaluating me, checking all these body parts and determining the degrees of disability when it would've taken at least 45 minutes, and seeing that he purposely omitted important facts, I reported him to my lawyer, & eventually the presiding judge both on & off the record. Calls to an executive of the WCB were fruitless. He said “Mike, why don’t you let this one go, why don’t you let this one slide, this could get messy”. Can you imagine that? You’re dying from a blood clot that’s slowly crawling up your leg which will eventually reach your heart & lungs & KILL YOU, and these professional WCB executives try to cover it up & ask you basically ‘to die & say nothing’. You have no idea how messy it’s going to get pal. I also contacted Governor Cuomo with a 56 page complaint in detail, he responded that “everything would be ok.” Nothing happened. I have ALL the letters from the NYS WCB, Gov Cuomo, Sen Gillibrand, etc. I contacted Senator Gillibrand, nothing happened despite sending overwhelming medical evidence & proof of lies, perjury, fraud, run around letters, however she encouraged me to keep up the fight even after I said I’m going public. On January 3rd 2014 I received an anonymous call from a PRIVATE number and a distinguished woman's voice stating that " you don’t know me, you should google this IME's name with the words, fraud & perjury". I did. This same honest, reputable, authentic, conscientious, reliable, decent, fair, forthright, proper, impartial, sincere, virtuous IME doctor was caught committing perjury in the Supreme Court <~ just 3 years after I reported him. The same insurance company Comp Risk Management, Poughkeepsie,NY that purposely delayed checks, delayed authorization for MRI’s, gave me the run around, was also caught committing fraud & sued by New York State for $400,000,000 Insurance Fraud. It's ok for NY State to commit crimes, or get justice but no one else can, sound like double standards to you? Honorable distinguished good citizens of the United States, let's make this petition go VIRAL!! I contacted NYS Workers Compensation & a cover up ensued. That's a no no :::waving finger:::::Then August 18th 2014 eight years after the original injury the blood clot finally reached my heart & almost killed me. I almost died in the hospital during 1 of the 12 surgeries, lost my right leg, and suffered irreparable damage to my left leg. My civil, constitutional as well as my rights to privacy have been violated. I want a reversal of decision, compensation, prosecution of those who lied, those NYC employees who tried to cover it up, a law enacted in my name "Di Pippo's Law" to monitor all IME evaluations by forcing them to video all evaluations so that we injured people have a voice in the court room, proof of injuries, proof of neglect, fraud, lies or corruption. I did NOT receive a fair trial, I protested the case on record because they let the same judge that I filed numerous complaints against stay on the case, and only removed him after I threatened to go public. Once a judge rules against you, no other judge or board member will step on his toes or overturn his decision REGARDLESS of the evidence you have. That's corruption &discrimination.. (please sign this petition to expose fraud)

I have proof of discrimination, verbal abuse, bullying, insults because I spoke out & defended myself, (have that on record), negligence, requests for assistance that were denied & suppressed... Imagine that, it took 6 months to get my first check & THREE insurance companies had this case because 1 was incompetent, the next was crooked as they come & the last has the case now. Right now everything on record is lies & speculation. The evidence we sent in was never recovered but we're having it scanned & put on CD now so we can prove everything that's being said. I want an apology, total disclosure (I'm going to do it for you SOB) a promise from NYS this will never happen again. Please sign my petition so that losing my limb will not be in vain. We will not tolerate false claims that an investigation was done due to this petition and nothing wrong was found or done to me. The only investigation acceptable is the one I'm in charge of, I am questioned, my evidence is seen & evaluated, and total vindication, justice is mine. If you want to see real corruption, look at the case in its current form with the evidence I'm talking about. The judge controls the whole case, he can threaten your lawyer with contempt of court, disbarment & your lawyer will roll over belly up after throwing you under the bus to prevent his career from being damaged. No investigation = corruption + cover up...Media, want to pick up the story & see evidence? contact my family at Again, please sign my petition so we can take the power away from crooked IME doctors & this will limit the income of your crooked City or State. Don't worry, they will think of another way to defraud or tax you to death.

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