Close Hall Green Greyhound Stadium

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Close Hall Green Greyhound Stadium

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CAGED Nationwide started this petition to Andrew Conroy (Planning Officer) and

Greyhound Racing is in rapid decline - Why? The mass destruction of Greyhounds is no longer acceptable by society.

Continuous exposures within the media have helped to raise awareness of the following problems;

"Doping of dogs - Race fixing - Impossible to rehome all the dogs due to the masses bred for racing each year, resulting in the inhumane destruction of young and healthy dogs when they are no longer of racing quality - Dogs being discarded, ear tattoos are sometimes removed to hide identification of owners - Acid poured into ears to disguise tattoos, or ears completely amputated - Dogs are sometimes killed in the most horrific ways"

There is little or no enforcement of regulations to protect greyhounds.

Greyhound protection groups have massive support networks across the world involving the lobbying of governments to end the mass cruelty of dogs.

The recent parliamentary inquiry into the welfare of greyhounds has raised mass publicity within the media and we believe this will have a further negative impact on the greyhound racing industry.

In addition to welfare campaigners lobbying the GBGB for transparency, the GTA are are also currently requesting a forensic audit of the GBGB accounts, due to allegations involving corruption within the GBGB, i.e BGRF contributions are claimed to be misused. This has recently resulted in a legal dispute between both parties, with video footage of the director of the GBGB 'namely' John Curran being released on social media due to his inappropriate behaviour, when he was verbally abusive towards a member of the GTA.

The Greyhound racing industry is no doubt under considerable pressure at this present time due to lack of morals and transparency.

We believe the refusal to release full and accurate injury data to the public is also impacting on the attendance at greyhound tracks.

Mass overbreeding of greyhounds means it is impossible to re-home all dogs bred for racing in the UK, posing a serious problem for rescue centres and a high scale of dogs being disposed of when no longer a sustainable commodity.

We the undersigned are requesting that the redevelopment of new housing on the Hall Green site is favoured over cruelty.


GBGB - Greyhound Board of Great Britain (Governing body of greyhound racing)

GTA (Greyhound Trainers Association)

BGRF (British Greyhound Racing Fund) A small percentage of profit made by the gambling establishments is designated to the tracks, primarily for welfare purposes)

Caged North West (Campaign against Greyhound Exploitation and Death - North West )

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This petition had 7,709 supporters