Add asm124 as admin on Mitos​.​is The Game

Add asm124 as admin on Mitos​.​is The Game

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Smeeky Mitosis started this petition to Freakinware Limited Andrea Pezzino

Hello there,

I am starting this petition to help the player asm124 be an admin

Firstly, let's start with reasons that she must be an admin

: •She is willing to work pay-free, like the other admins are doing, that mustn't affect the developer's pocket

 •She is old enough to manage a game and its players.

 •She is fighting against game's toxicity and she's trying as much as she can to revive the dead game because, let's be serious. THE GAME IS DEAD and needs as soon as possible a revival idea, a revival update to change the game and stop toxicity

•The admins/developers doesn't care about players and they're just adding in every season new items which are way too expensive. An item is 40k coins right now (Jewels)




Now, let's talk about toxicity and toxic players

☆They should do something about toxic players, they deserve a way more drastic punishment, depending on the gravity of the situation (from warn to permanent ban from the game)

I, personally know, people that commited suicide because of the toxicity of this game.

I know persons like LitMaster that makes fun of a romanian girl because she has blood cancer




Suggestions: •Remove portal glue

                        •Increase season payments to at least 20-30k for 1st place, 15k for 2nd place, 10k for 3rd place and 7.5k for top 4-10 and below

                        •If season payments can't be raised, then make items cheaper. At least 20% off for all items. Now it's very hard to farm for an item which costs like 35-40k coins, and for an entire set, they must pay over 100-110k coins to buy just 3 items


                        •Create a "Report player" option that a player can report a toxic player. The player must provide proof like screenshoots or recording of a player being toxic and after, the toxic player be punished

                          •Add more game modes, the game's game modes in present are boring and many players are quitting because the game is too boring and it's a waste of time

                            •Compensation in coins/items back, if an account is getting scammed

                           •Reduce the cost of potions. In past, if you were obsidian evo, you could buy 3 glues with 161 coins, now the glues costs 196 coins. Seems ridiculous, but you can feel the difference when you buy for example 100 glues.


                           •Bring back hardcore,solo tournaments


                            •Reduce the requirements for youtube tag. Now, that the game is dead and you are a youtuber it's very very hard to achieve 2.5k subs or 50k views




This is all for now, i will update this petition if the petition reaches 50 signatures or if we win, or at least make a change.




Why i'm proposing asm124 to be an admin? Is because she's a kind person and she is like a mother to us and tries very hard to make the game breath again.


Here's her channel :

Here's her discord server:



Please, make this game be better again




Kind regards,



0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!