Save Our Community Cats

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   On Wednesday, May 24, 2017 myself, my neighbors, and several rescuers from our community attended a meeting as concerned animal advocates about a cat colony in the Laurel Heights neighborhood in Mauldin, SC. The property manager, who works for NHE Property Management, yelled and kicked our rescue partners out of the meeting before the meeting even began. The neighbors who were allowed to stay tried to offer solutions and help create a community TNR program to save this colony's life. The HOA board and the property manager could not be swayed to change their mind and create a larger sense of community by saving these cats. Instead they gave a concession of a three week deadline to remove the cats before the trapper is brought in. The HOA board of Laurel Heights has hired Chappell Services to come trap and "dispose" of the colony even if these cats have already been TNR'd. The HOA board has given concerned neighbors a deadline of June 14, 2017 to figure out where to take/put these cats before the trapper begins trapping and disposing of these cats. The HOA board claims they have spoken to Greenville County Animal Care and have told Greenville County Animal Care that they do not want these cats re released anywhere near the neighborhood again. At one count there were at least 17 cats. Due to the deadline quickly approaching within three weeks, June 14th, we need help NOW sharing and saving these cats' lives!

   Along with only giving concerned neighbors three weeks to remove all cats before they are disposed of, roofing repair is set to begin on May 30, 2017. With all of the noise and extra people on the property because of the roof repairs, it will be much harder to trap these cats to ensure their safety. The construction is set to go on during the remainder of the conceded three week time period.

   Greenville County, which this neighborhood resides in has a TNR (trap, neuter, release) ordinance. Unfortunately, because the city of Mauldin does not have a TNR ordinance, the county will not help. 

Property Management Company: NHE Property Management

Phone: (864) 467-1600

Address: 5 Legacy Park Rd

               Suite A

               Greenville, SC 29607