Demand The Ontario MOECC draft and enforce an order to Liftlock Fuels!

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On Oct 14 2016 there was an accident outside our home involving a Liftlock fuel truck and a car, resulting in over 40,000 litres of gas and diesel being spilled onto the road.The fuel spilled into the ditch in front of our home and into the ditch across the street, which has affected the land of a local farm. My husband and I were evacuated that night and have yet to return home. It is the responsibility of the fuel carrier (Liftlock) and its agents to test, assess and remediate. The obligation of the Ministry is to monitor and enforce those obligations. After over 20 months following the spill, the Ministry has issued not one enforcement order against Liftlock to complete a thorough assessment of whether our home is safe to re-occupy. As we continue to wait for the MOECC to do what they are supposed to do our home is being overrun with rodents, mold is growing and our home is becoming dilapidated. We want the Ministry to follow their own laws and do what is right! Not only for our property but for our local community! The road and ditches need to be tested/assessed properly and remediated! How long do we have to wait?