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Another historic home in the Boise neighborhood nearby Eliot at 3605 N Albina is slated for demolition. A developer intends to replace this classic vintage home with a modern 2-family structure with a property split down the middle of the lot. 

Please, stop the demolition of the Edwin Rayworth House.

Credit: Roy E. Roos (Author of The History of Albina)

Letter to
Owner/Developer Andre Kashuba with Exceptional Homes by Andre
Our neighborhood faces a loss of it's cultural and historic identity due to increased development supported by City of Portland's push for high density. Portland has been noted for sustainable living, but the destruction of old buildings and replacement with modern structures is not sustainable and results in the waste of resources. The recent recession has created foreclosures on local residents, and developers have targeted these properties getting them at low prices and profiting from their destruction or radical alterations. Like the example 1890 house here, some of them are destroying historic buildings. This loss is great to the block here, and it is nearly the most original of the earliest houses built on the block. The historic buildings in our communities give us our sense of place and cultural memory. Our old neighborhoods help make Portland special and now in danger of becoming “anywhere USA”.

Please, stop the demolition of the Edwin Rayworth House.

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