Padmabhusan to Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry garu

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Sirivennela Seetaramasastry garu is one name that needs no introduction to Telugu people across the globe. His work also needs no introduction. His immense work in Telugu Literature is on par with many greats. Even though he has written lyrics for many commercial songs, he makes sure he has under current philosophy in it. His works/songs can be understood differently upon each hearing or reading. That much depth of meaning he has in his works. The depth of few songs are such that many tried to understand, yet failed to. There is a saying that one of his songs were not given award thinking that lyric was written by Annamayya, 

It is very unfortunate, that he is not recognized by any governments so far. its great injustice not only to him, but entire Telugu people. Its high time to recognize him with Padma Bushan award. It will not be that award is given to Seeta ramasastry garu. Its like giving Seetaramasastry garu to that award.

Hope Sri Nara chandrababu Naidu garu the AP government will do their duty to get him the recognition that Telugu Literature needs.  I am sure, every Telugu person cannot agree more in this regards. Hope Telugu people join hands together for the demand.