We Want Eligibility for NON-ICAR Agriculture students in APPSC Govt.Jobs Andhra Pradesh

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Due to the limited number of seats of Agriculture B.SC in Andhra Pradesh State Agriculture Colleges. Lot number of students from Andhra Pradesh has went to out of state universities (or) colleges for doing their Agriculture B.sc. Some students done their courses in ICAR and Non- ICAR colleges but after completion of Graduation the state of Andhra Pradesh has been denying to give government job to those students who done their graduation from Non-ICAR colleges even though those colleges (or) universities were well reputed with NAAC and UGC Ranking.

On Top of that  State Agriculture University students are making false allegations and portraying, those colleges without ICAR accreditation is fake forgetting the fact that the same State agriculture university doesn’t have ICAR accreditation for 4 years of duration from 2012-2016.

Fact is that some Universities of our country have been established way earlier than ICAR and has a great reputation, holding a very good NAAC accreditation and UGC ranking.

Understand that Annamalai University has far better rank than State Agriculture University in Andhra Pradesh regarding research, but even though they are rejecting students graduated from those colleges.

As a result thousands of students and their families future is at stake.

We are not asking jobs for only us, we are asking to give equal opportunities to all students both from ICAR and NON-ICAR accredited colleges/Universities by giving eligibility for APPSC examinations. And based on results they can allot jobs to the persons who really worthy of it.

Because everyone has equal rights for jobs in India and jobs should be given based on talent, but not on universities or colleges name or reputation.

Tragedy is that a persons  who completed their  Master’s from other countries are eligible for jobs and Doctors who completed their Degree’s and Master’s  in other countries are eligible to run their practice in India with just one test .

But student who done his degree from other states is not eligible for getting job in their own state. Why not the Government gives every graduate an opportunity and equality to write an examination and be considered for APPSC jobs depending on their talent.

We are just asking to give us the opportunity and the eligibility to write the examination and compete. We want the deserved person’s to get the job, not just the person holding the degree from the State Agriculture University (which they call it genuine)

If their degrees and their universities are genuine they obviously will be the one’s getting jobs and ranks in the examination with their entire caliber. We don’t understand why they fear to have a competition with the graduates whom they are calling fake.

Let the examination decide who is FAKE.

Let the examination decide who is genuine.

Let the examination decide who is worthy of the job.

Let the examination decide who has the caliber.

Let the examination decide who has proper knowledge.

We are fighting against this injustice.

Andhra Pradesh Government mentioning UGC as a eligibility criteria for Horticulture officer jobs  but why they are mentioning ICAR accreditation as eligibility criteria for Agriculture Officer jobs.

We want entrance test for All Agriculture jobs in APPSC.

We Want Eligibility for NON-ICAR Agriculture students in APPSC Govt. Jobs Andhra Pradesh

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1) Reply from ICAR regarding ICAR accreditation.

2) H.O notification from Gov of Andhra Pradesh.

3) GO’s Issued by Gov of Andhra Pradesh.