Stop Deforestation of Mangroves, Save Lives

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Hello Everyone,

In Here kakinada, Andhra Pradesh Government wants to construct houses by destroying Mangroves forest in kakinada.

Mangroves in kakinada served like a shiels against many disasters like cyclones, floods, etc., But it can't stand against humans... It helped us by standing as a biggest oxygen supplier to AP and giving shelter to many fishermen. Now it needs our help to stop Deforestation....

Mangroves is giving shelter not only to humans but also many birds and animlas. Animals lives also lives right, they too has a right to live as equal as we

The forest has a capacity to grow even with sea water.

 I think we should complete our responsibility. It is our time to save our savior.....

I don't know why they are olannplato destroy forest instead they can do it in dry land as there is a lot dry land for this work

It may be due to most of the dry oand is on others names. They have choosen forest.. ...

Let us fight against who are willing to destroy the future by deforestation.

Remember "earth is not living on us, We are living on earth" who are we to spoil Nature.

I want everyone to sign this petition..... Please.....