Remove Racist Statue from Downtown Anderson, SC

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My wife and I both grew up in Anderson, SC. We have taken many walks downtown, but have never stopped to notice the statue that stands in front of the downtown courthouse.

Tonight, at a peaceful protest for Black Lives Matter, stories were shared by African Americans of how this statue haunts them of the city’s past. In the image attached, you can read that it says that time will tell that Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy will stand "in the right.”

This statue adds no value to the character of our city. In fact, it is a hideous black eye, embracing a time when men died defending slavery. In 2020, Anderson needs not be reminded of our past sins.

Mayor Roberts and the city counsel need to step up and remove this statue. Anything in front of our courthouse would do better than the existing structure.

The placement alone is symbolic of the systematic racism in our nation. If our city wants to move into equality, we need to start with the steps of the home to our judicial system.