Stop and help! Give the opportunity for a beautiful dog to live a full life

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   ***Please help Levi he is up to be killed by animal control because of an unfortunate biting incident. I want to send him to an appropriate rescue or sanctuary to receive the behavioral help that he needs.*** 


 All 25 years of my life I have felt deeply for animals. They have supported me through many happy and troubling times unconditionally. Loving them has left me both in euphoria and in devastation as they have entered and left my life. Currently with Levi in animal control custody there is a risk he could be euthanized very soon.

     Levi unfortunately has had his share of concerning behavioral issues, but at the end of the day he has always loved each person in my home with the kind of blissful forgetfulness of all the bad in the world that only a dog can posses. 

    These issues have led to building fences, neutering, more time getting exercise outside, and other methods of trying to moderate behavior. I have tried to give him a happy and full life. However, a puzzle piece is still missing. I hope that someone can provide him with the space, training, vet care, and or environment where he and everyone else can be happy and safe. I have been doing extensive research on an appropriate rescue and have 2 potential leads at this time. I've defended and loved him through every stage of his development and will continue to. Through it all I am happy I got to share the times with him that I did. 

     I do not undermine the severity of his mistake a child was hurt - that should not be excused or forgotten. It should be managed and carefully analyzed to uncover a solution. I wish with every fiber of my heart that I could be the person, but I can't be selfish and put the children around me at risk. I also don't believe I have the resources or finances for this difficult case. 

    I have shed more tears than I would like to admit feeling as if I failed someone I love so deeply. Being away in Texas and undergoing major surgery at this time has been excruciating. I can hardly sleep at night thinking that I am not doing enough to keep him from being euthanized. 

     I think about the way he looks at me with so much innocence and trust and I want to believe that in his soul he is a good boy. I hope anyone who reads this can search within themselves deep into the human spirit to give this young dog a new chance at a beautiful life with a rescue or sanctuary organization that I locate.

With sincerity and hope I thank you all,



Lexan Overby