Change Dimond High School’s name to XXXTentacion High School

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     X has changed the world in a few years more than A. J. Dimond ever did in his 71 year life. More importantly, the impact X has over all 1,482 students in Dimond is TREMENDOUS. People honor and revere Jahseh every single day and we have him in our hearts. He watches us and gives us the motivation to wake up and face the struggles of going to class and paying attention.

     A. J. Dimond, on the other hand was brutal enough to give us a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on his birthday, just a few hours before our Crystal Ball dance and to be honest, no one thinks of him even once a month. Jahseh will forever be the backbone of XXXTentacion High School and as a bonus, the acronym XHS will send any other school trembling upon our very might. LONG LIVE JAHSEH!