Petitioning Senior Vice President and General Manager, DNA, LLC Dr. Kenneth Chahine and 4 others DNA, LLC: Give AncestryDNA Customers DNA Segment Data & a Chromosome Browser Now

Without a chromosome browser and access to shared DNA segment data, customers of's autosomal DNA genealogy product, AncestryDNA, cannot positively identify the ancestors responsible for the DNA shared with each genetic relative. Without access to and analytic tools for shared DNA segment data, AncestryDNA customers routinely draw inaccurate conclusions about their pedigrees and how they relate to each of their reported DNA matches. In the absence of matching segment data, AncestryDNA's Shared Ancestor Hints, a feature that pinpoints a set of common ancestors in each match's family tree, can mislead and has misled countless Ancestry customers seeking to solve genealogical problems with genetic testing. Continuing to sell AncestryDNA without a chromosome browser and shared segment data, essential features of any autosomal DNA genealogy product, minimizes the product's accuracy, utility, and integrity as a resource for genealogists and does a disservice to a community of customers who have supported for all of its 17 years.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Senior Vice President and General Manager, DNA, LLC
    Dr. Kenneth Chahine
  • President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Mr. Tim Sullivan
  • Product Director,
    Mr. Kenneth Freestone
  • Vice President, Genomics and Bioinformatics, DNA, LLC
    Dr. Catherine Ball

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