"DECOLONIZE THE COLONY" REMOVAL of Anaheim High's insensitive Mascot

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Anaheim High School, established in 1898, has always proudly called itself the home of the colonists. Currently, the school comprises 94.8% Hispanic/Latino students, who are encouraged to adhere to the tone deaf mantra “Once a colonist, always a colonist.”

This is wrong. 

Colonists are historically depicted as heroes who founded our society by “discovering” land and enforcing their societal expectations on indigenous people. In reality, they are directly responsible for the mass genocide of native populations.

With a predominantly Latino/Hispanic student population, the colonist is an ill-fitting mascot for Anaheim High School. It absolutely does not represent the school or its students. It perpetuates and glamorizes genocide, racial violence, and Anaheim’s historically racist past as a hub for white supremacy.

We cannot keep this mascot as it is a constant reminder of the trauma natives endured at the hands of colonizers. Our ancestors did not experience cultural genocide, assimilation, and exploitation for us to embrace this racist symbol. Alumni and current students alike do not embrace this mascot. We feel shame and rejection. And we demand this mascot be permanently removed from Anaheim and replaced with another more inclusive identity that represents our community.

Once a colonist, never again a colonist. 

written by Laura Luevano