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An Environmentally Aware Project Plan - Called For

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July 17th Update:

Great Article in the Marin Post re: the Planning Commission meeting  and the comments on the importance of design as delivered  by Commissioner Phyllis Metcalfe:

The Marin Post

Also, based on a suggestion in the Marin Post article, the petition will stay active as it seems that having a way to register signatures and comments is an advantage now and potentially down the road on this project. 


----------Honoring the Environment, the Uniqueness of the Town 

- July 11 Post-Meeting Update:  Everyone who attended and spoke at the meeting........Great!   It was so heartening that so many came and spoke against the project as proposed.  People took 3 minutes each to speak against ruining/paving the pond, questioning "will the herons stick around for years while the new trees mature", likening the massive corporate hotel to the WinCup abomination and encouraging the Commission to listen to the Corte Madera and other Marin residents who have spent 3+ years citing issues with the project and proposing alternatives. 

During the Commission's discussion - Commissioner Metcalfe said she spent the past weekend evaluating the proposal from many angles.  She prepared and read a solid, convincing, criteria-driven opinion that the project didn't meet the standards set forth in the Town's Charter including: respect for the existing natural environment, harmony with the Town's character, elevating the visual appearance of the Town....etc  (or similar).   She suggested the applicant not piecemeal the alterations any longer but go back for a full re-do, or sell the property.

It was a major showing by savvy residents and visitors who care about the environment and about Saving Marin.  And a great, very clear statement by Commissioner Metcalfe demonstrating her concern for preserving the pond and the charm of the town.


- Save Black-Crowned Night Heron Roosting Pond at Corte Madera Inn - Stop Trying to Justify Paving Over a Protected Habitat to Build a Parking Lot

- Proposed Hotel in Corte Madera is an Embarrassment in 2017!

Everyone here who cares more about the environment than making sure that mega-chain Marriott can meet their 'shareholders’ numbers' has got to speak up.  We know the issues and the Town knows the issues - the Regional Water Quality Control Board has also weighed in and says this project must comply with the Clean Waters Act.

Residents, voters need to make sure there is an appropriate solution for the Corte Madera Inn Rebuild.  We are saying "Build a Hotel" but one that is respectful.   There are many financially feasible alternatives on this site to build a reasonably sized hotel that preserves the pond and wildlife habitat. 

We probably cant have a major impact on the environmental protections being erased hourly by our federal government, but we can take action to preserve them in our own communities.

Save Marin, Again.



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