An Appeal to Retain all 3 Evening engineering Colleges in Karnataka

An Appeal to Retain all 3 Evening engineering Colleges in Karnataka

17 July 2022
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AICTE Board & Govt Karnataka
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Started by Dharmanaik BB

Karnataka has 3 Evening engineering colleges: The BMS Evening Engineering College, which is an aided institution from state government of Karnataka since 1972, UVCE Bengaluru and NIE Evening College, Mysuru. These evening engineering colleges mainly service for working professionals, (BMS evening college of engineering completed 50 years) who wish to obtain a Bachelor of engineering degree. 

BMS Evening college of Engineering being a Grant-In-Aid institution from the Government of Karnataka adheres to DTE` (Director of Technical Education) norms and Cadre & Recruitment Rules prescribed by the Government of Karnataka and are applicable from time to time. The State Government has specified/approved exclusive staff patterns for both teaching and non-teaching positions. The faculty and staff members are appointed by the Director of Technical Education (DTE) as per the staffing pattern prescribed by the C & R rule of the Government of Karnataka. Full-time faculty and technical staff are working against full-time posts. The pay scales, service conditions and qualifications for appointment are as prescribed by the AICTE. The institution follows the common curriculum prescribed by University (Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) Belagavi). 

Bangalore & Mysuru city has several public and private industries, educational institutions and research laboratories that employ many diploma holders who are serving in various capacities. The institution is providing an opportunity for working professionals to upgrade their qualifications to BE degree at an affordable cost prescribed by Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA).                                                                      

All the evening engineering colleges are using the same infrastructure and other facilities used by the day college students in the daytime, utilizing day college existing resources, so that the operating costs of evening college is very minimal.

 College management saying that After NEP (New Education policy) is rolled out all evening engineering colleges are either to be closed or to be merge with the day college as directed by the AICTE board. But the fact is that AICTE never has intention to close evening colleges or part time colleges in Karnataka and there is no such curricular sent to any of the institutions, per the letter received from AICTE board on many occasions, it clearly says that class can be conducted at any convenient time of students and lecturers.

Kerala & Tamilandu are running part time courses for working professionals whereas in Karnataka all the 50years historical colleges are closing. 

All the 3 evening engineering colleges were offering engineering courses 100% to Diploma working professional for the duration 3 year, the duration of the course was for 3year coz the Diploma + 2year of working experience, we could join 2nd year in Karnataka with lateral entry option. All the colleges were running purely 100% for lateral entry diploma working professional, for ex BMS evening engineering college has total intake 330, college management saying there is guideline from the AICTE board to close all evening colleges per that we are closing. 

We have 10% reservation for diploma students in regular engineering colleges taking admission directly to 2nd year 3rd semester, but all the evening colleges are running 100% for diploma working professionals with 2-year industrial experience & 100% for lateral entry student’s duration of course remains same as regular college lateral entry students.

The Evening engineering college were started with the motto of empowering and developing the skills of Diploma working professionals and it is very sad that this facility is being taken away from the working professionals now. 

After completing diploma courses most of the students start working as they cannot afford to study further due to poor financial conditions or to support their families financially.

Every year an average of 1000 Students taking admission in all three colleges and these thousand students represent 1000 families & roughly calculated an average of 5000 people upgrading their economical level by doing evening engineering degree which benefits them both personally and professionally. 

For higher education, all diploma working professionals opt for evening engineering colleges so that, they can attend college post their duty hours, feed their family. This option is now being taken away from them and pursuing higher education for working diploma professionals is a dream now in Karnataka.

Alumni of all evening engineering colleges are serving as Managers, Directors in public sectors like HAL, ISRO, NAL BEL, BHEL and private companies, R&D sectors, and many of them are running manufacturing industries & software training companies.

Alumni Association BMS evening engineering college urge for fallowing provisions to be made immediately for Diploma working professionals as New Academic year 2022-23 is starting

1) Facilitate the running of all evening engineering colleges in Karnataka by according the necessary permissions.
2) Provide 100 % lateral admission to diploma working professionals into the 2nd year of the BE course.
3) New Academic year 2022-23 is starting from August, with necessary permissions & approvals, notify all authorities of respective colleges, Universities, and state govt of Karnataka to start admission process for the year 2022-23 to Diploma working professionals for lateral entry into the evening engineering colleges.


This petition made change with 1,056 supporters!

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