Amy’s Rule

Amy’s Rule

10,116 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
Angela Bain started this petition to Councillor Barney Crockett (The Lord Provost Aberdeen) and

I’m hoping that I can bring a rule I heard about (Ryan’s Rule) to the uk (if it’s good for one country it should be good for ours)

I’ll call it Amy’s Rule unless I’m told legally to change it.

i understand the nhs are understaffed/underpaid and I really do think they deserve more respect and pay considering they save people’s lives BUT if Ryan’s rule was available here at the time when Amy was ill at the very start (April 2019) then I definitely would have used it! as I’m sure others who have signed the petition would. 

Basically the Rule is a 3 step process where if you are unhappy with treatment or lack of treatment or think your concerns are being ignored then you apply to Amys (Ryan’s) Rule

This is the link to Ryan's Rule.

I feel my 5 year old daughter was let down by nurses and drs at my local hospital and out of hours GP back in April  by not listening to my concerns and as a consequence she unfortunately passed away so I don’t want this happening to anyone else ever.

We know our family best.

Please sign this petition with the hope that we need never lose another family member due to our instincts being ignored.

I just want justice for my maternal instincts and everyone else who got there’s ignored or passed off as being a hypochondriac.


10,116 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!