Lose of Disability I am physically disabled

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There is Virus that has rises that people like us need funds. I am trying to promote Awareness in all Walks of Life How Govorment is their Own Canada people EXSPECIALLY the DISABLE . I am physically disabled I was on the Disability cheque for years and then I got Married and Moved with My Husband a few years ago. Makes no since they let me keep Health card it Makes no since. When I have stuff break that's not on Health Card IF I NEED SOMETHING FIXED THAT's IS COVERED IN HEALTH CARD WE  DON'T HAVE EXTRA FUNDS SEE WHAT I AM TellIng U ALL HOW IT IS REALLY LAME HOW the government took my full cheque. I should of not lost due to Marriage I still need to live and help out. Many people get it and able to work and Yes I am able to work but it is more of a challenge for me and I and everyone thinks it's Extremely wrong . I also know of a whole bunch of people that have it and not even disabled and also one parent is working and the kid is still getting disabled cheque or even 2 parents are working the kid still getting it. People that don't even live where I live they are getting disability cheque.  I am sick about it . LOOK i am physically disabled and deserve cheque as much someone else even married or not Its a Free world I am disabled that status not Goin to change the Cheque is for Disability people and last time I checked I am disabled. Even though I got married . Quit Decscriminating us give us what we need. DO YOUR JOB RIGHT. Hope everyone seening this will help MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ALL THE SYSTEM we NEED TO GET THIS ISSUE AND MANY DEALT WITH