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MPLS kids for Middle Schools Sports in our home schools

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Middle SChool Students in Minneapolis Public Schools, Parents and Families.

The erratication of Middle School sports in the Minneapolis Public School 7-8 grades offering them only at the attendence areas high school has turned off many middle school and potential students to the Minneapolis Public Schools. Students in the K-6 Schools look forward to the chance to try and participate in a variety of school sports when they are in the 7-8 grade. Last year the Minneapolis Public schools took away the option for Middle School students to remain in their home school and play their contemporaries and structured sports for them to go to their attendence area schools to play with the High School teams.

Middle School students do not get priority or are even allowed to play in competitions at the high school level based on the Minnesota High School league rules. Therefore they are not in competitive teams other than practicing with the teams where they have to find transportation to, are in an outside environment away from their school, practices that are later in the day or evening with much older and more mature kids that they do not share a school with as well as the promise that the practice and work they put in will never allow them to get any game experience for 2 years.

The district has the goal of using sports as a way to have more children enroll in their attendence area high school in hopes that it would bond the children to the school through sports. Minneapolis is an open enrollment district. Students can go to the school of their choice if they get in and they have transportation. Middle school students play sports for many reasons; because they want to be with friends that they grown up with and go to school with, they want to try differant sports, experience competition without the pressure at the high school level, Want to remain in their own school or group of schools and want to promotes school spirit and pride from the entire school building.

K-8 schools have suffered due to this decision and many students have not done what the district had hoped. If you are in a magnet/charter school and live far from your school, you can not attend the school that is close to your school you must attend the school closest to your home or attendence area. In most cases not with anyone you know or go to school with and with much older students. Sports does not draw students alone. The combination of academics, activities, safety, opportunities, graduation rates and sports do to name a few.

Please return sports options to Minneapolis Public School Middle Schools so that students can experience sports and explore athletics with their peers, promote school pride, increase healther lifestyles and movement, build self esteem and create oppportunities for parents and volunteers to contribute to the school and its success through sports at the Middle School level.

Contact your area Minneapolis Public schools area representative, the director of Athletics - Trent Tucker and the new Superintendent Michael Graff found on the Minneapolis Public Schools Website.



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