Increase Awareness of Animal Testing

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Animal testing is an ongoing controversy in the United States. Often times, people simply choose to ignore the reality of the experiments, and other times people do not even know what is actually occurring. I believe that animal testing should be prohibited, or at least reduced immensely because of the many cons associated with it such as a low success rate and the inability to transfer the knowledge from lab animals such as mice and rats to humans due to the anatomical differences. Animal testing is also used under circumstances that could easily be avoided, like for testing cosmetics. The FDA does not require many of the products on the market to be tested on animals, yet many companies still do because the products have to be regulated for safety. There are alternatives to animal testing such as lab grown synthetic tissues and organs or even computer simulations which may provide more accurate and replicable results for humans. Please support organizations such as PETA who advocate for animal rights along with an ethical society. 

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