UPenn petition to reduce/forgive/rebate spring 2020 tuition due to COVID-19

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To the President's office at UPenn:

I just wanted to address some concerns and issues that I am personally facing, but also feel that many other grad students in my position are also facing. I also wanted to pose a few ideas on how to solve these concerns and issues.

My name is Samaya and I am completing a 2-year graduate program at Penn. This will be my last semester. I have a mortgage and have relied on my savings to get me through the first year of my program. For my second year at school, I have worked multiple part-time jobs to get by and pay the bills. I have taken out federal student loans for most of my semesters at Penn and a grad plus loan for the last semester.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced schools and businesses to close and there is nothing else that can be done in this type of surreal, pandemic situation. There are also concerns about another great depression coming along, with this global shutdown and/or slow down of business. This is, quite frankly, a terrible time to graduate. I know that myself and other graduate and MBA students are really feeling the pressure to lock down job opportunities as soon as possible.

On top of that, I do not feel that it is fair to pay the full tuition price for classes this semester, especially since everything has been moved online. I would like to propose a tuition forgiveness or tuition discount or tuition rebate program for graduate students and MBA students, for this semester (spring 2020) here at Penn. I do hope that you will consider my idea and proposal. - Samaya