Remove Contributor Chelsea Hoffman From

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We, the undersigned, ask that sever ties with Chelsea Hoffman. There are con artists that prey on society's most vulnerable. Nothing can be more defenseless than a family with a missing child or loved one. Chelsea Hoffman is one of those predators. Chelsea Hoffman makes posts to her Allvoices blog that offend, inflame, and incite, merely to garner page views. After family members have been cleared in cases, even after arrests have been made, she has continued to allude to the involvement of specific family members in the disappearance of a loved one. Three egregious examples are the Heather Elvis, Holly Bobo, and Madeleine McCann cases. Ms Hoffman refused to stop "reporting" her rumors and innuendos even at the request of the families and law enforcement. Her attempt at tabloid news and tabloid headlines falls far short of the mark and frequently borders on slander. Her efforts are, at the very least, misleading. Her misinformation is particularly offensive coming from someone who is less than truthful about her own "credentials" and "accomplishments." Wikipedia deleted her for unsubstantiated claims. She publicly claims to hold a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Ashworth College, but she has no such degree. In fact, a Google search returns endless negative results on Chelsea Hoffman. It is our request that sever ties with Chelsea Hoffman. We feel strongly that Hoffman violates at least one, if not more, of the tenets of Allvoices code of conduct, not to: "Post fictional reports or stories that may mislead our readers." Thank you.