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Petitioning AMR Board of Directors John Bachmann and 7 others

AMR Board of Directors: Support an AA/US Airways merger before AA's brand is completely destroyed.

Calling all AA and US Airways employees: please sign this petition in support of a merger with US Airways inside of bankruptcy. Let the AMR Board of Directors know it is time to act!

With each signature, an individual email is sent to each of the AMR Board of Directors calling for a merger with US Airways inside bankruptcy.

Read the letter below to the AMR Board of Directors. Then, simply sign your name, years of service, position and the airline for which you work. You can also add a comment if you wish.

Finally, share this petition with all of your coworkers and social media sites. Let's get the word out that we want change sooner rather than later. Time is of the essence!

Letter to
AMR Board of Directors John Bachmann
AMR Board of Directors Philip Purcell
AMR Board of Directors Armando Codina
and 5 others
AMR Board of Directors Dr. Judith Rodin
AMR Board of Directors Alberto Ibarguen
AMR Board of Directors Thomas Horton
AMR Board of Directors Roger Staubach
AMR Board of Directors Ann Korologos
Dear AMR Board of Directors,

American Airlines is no longer the brand it used to be. Instead, this once great airline is now at the mercy of a dwindling network and an inferior product. 

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. There is a way to right this ship. If American Airlines could merge with US Airways before this bankruptcy has run its course and the AA brand completely destroyed, we can all work together to get American Airlines back on top.

The US Airways merger plan is the best option to correct the problems AA faces. I encourage you to pursue the only path available that will lead American Airlines out of bankruptcy stronger than the day it entered: a merger with US Airways.

American Airlines + US Airways: Our Future Depends On It

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