AmnestyUK to campaign against the IPP Sentence

AmnestyUK to campaign against the IPP Sentence

2 August 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shirley Debono

We are asking amnesty uk to get involved with the campaign to BRING AN END TO the  indeterminate sentence for public protection. (IPP) 

215 ipp prisoners have taken their own lives. Around 500 have been transferred to mental institutions And 1000s have and still are self harming.

They are being recalled back to prison for minor breaches AND NOT FOR COMMITTING A CRIME. We want amnesty to help stop this by talking to our government and telling them the only solution is to RESENTENCE THEM ALL. This way those that are never getting out will have certainty and others will have light at the end of the tunnel.

The Ipp sentence was brought out in 2005 to keep perpertrators of sexual violence, paedophiles, and terrorist in prison for a very long time. But the government didn't implement it properly meaning those it was not meant for got caught in the net. 

The government admitted they got it wrong and so abolished the ipp sentence in 2012 BUT NOT RETROSPECTIVELY.

This meant those already sentenced to Ipp were trapped on a never ending sentence as IPP SENTENCE HAS NO RELEASE DATE.

Some sentenced in 2006/7 to as little as 1 year and still inside today. They were as young as 17/18 years of age at the time.


The ipp sentence has NO DATE OF RELEASE. .Basically a life sentence through the back door.

I have emailed and begged amnesty uk and amnesty international to get involved in this crisis and they refuse  I feel a petition will put pressure on them to research the ipp sentence and research the devastating cruel inhumane treatment that Ipp sentence inflicts on ipp prisoners and their families . Please sign this petition for amnesty uk to take action against the government 

Thank you 

Shirley Debono

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Signatures: 786Next Goal: 1,000
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