Ammendment to the US Constitution to rehabilitate and help all homeless people in the USA!

Ammendment to the US Constitution to rehabilitate and help all homeless people in the USA!

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Debra An Eggeman-Steffen started this petition to Brian W. Jones (State Senator) and

Homelessness is not a city problem,  it is a governmental issue  because it is a national issue! I propose that we take care of our people for a change by permanently ending homelessness in the United States! I had found out that a country who doesn't have nearly as much money as we do has such an ammendment to their countries constitution.  This country Indonesia who we have helped in the past. Their constitution can serve as an outline for us,  as we will need to add care for our veterans to finally get them off the street!

People don't realize that homeless are not just adults there are children homeless too and according to Covenant House there are 4.2 million homeless children and youths. We need to help keep all of these people safe. 

I estimate that there are over 5 million people homeless living in the United States, especially after Covid-19 has made many homeless. 

Every person who is homeless will get the help they need to rehabilitate them, but it starts with you and signing this petition will help to put an end permanently to homelessness in the United States! Please help and be part of the solution for you never know who will become homeless,  you, your family,  your relatives,  your neighbors, your friends?! 

After attending Stand Down I believe was in 2004,  I spoke with the founder of this non-profit organization (Stand Down) who helps homelessness veterans.  I attended Stand Down in San Diego,  CA and found out there were 900 homeless  veterans that year and the founder told me "only about  100 of these veterans will be placed in a program." Sadly the rest were back to being homeless!

Why was I at Stand Down because I became homeless myself after being snuck out of active duty with an injury I sustained in the line of duty in the Army! I was misdiagnosis on active duty was put on incapacitation pay when my job refused to rehire me. I was not paid my incapacitation pay consecutively and didn't see the rest of that money for years. Then later discriminated for service to my country from two judges later on. I was homeless from June 2004 to 2018 where I lived in my car from June 2004 - 2008. Then my friend Vietnam Veteran  Rick M. who had been living homeless in a motorhome traded me a vehicle for the motorhome.  Rick lived in that previously and he moved into an apartment. After surgery I tried to go back to work to get back everything I lost, which included my home and my family. Unfortunately my injuries got worse and I developed numerous health issues, that I was told were incurable! Having chronic pain from the injury, RSD among other injuries becauseof misdiagnosisin active duty( I sustained in the line of duty), (ME/CFS) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, PVC (Premature Ventricular Contraction), tremors, Fibromyaligia, Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis and the list goes on, as these all made it impossible for me to work. My health kept deteriorating as the years passed by in that time frame.  

Throughout my time homeless I had spoken with lots of homeless people and found out how many had gotten to become homeless. Most were because of illness,  injuries or both like myself.  Each case of homelessness needs to be documented and checked to see if it can be stopped at the source.  Mine and others like me, where I was not paid consistently for 13 1/2 months and lost everything including custody of my daughter because the judge said, "How do you expect to support your daughter and anyway you could be deployed. " No way could I have gotten deployed with a injury that needed surgery.  Discrimination #1 by the first judge.  My daughter went to my mental and physical abusive ex husband.  Discrimination judge number #2, I believe her name  is Judge Godfrey.  I was told by my attorney that she was cherry picking trying to find any reason why not to allow me to get Social Security Disability.  As he told me she didn't want a lot of military coming back from Iraq getting on Social Security. Even though we military paid into it and it was our right! So after almost 5 years of fighting to get it as the high level of stress I was under in the military and the aftermath caused my health to deteriorate, it was down to the last court case or I would lose it all because of a judge who discriminated against me for my service to my country and a nationality I looked like but wasn't! 

Now I will tell you about David a Army veteran who was blind living in the streets, this was before I became homeless.  I was looking for an auto part in a town I rarely go to. This man asked if anyone speaks English, as I was getting into my car I said,  "Yes, I do." I walked over to the man and asked him, "What do you need?" He said, I am blind and could use some help making a sandwich." So I sat down in front of the parts store I had left from and started talking with him. I found out he was a Army veteran and I immediately felt a kinship with him.  He kept telling me how he couldn't wait for his surgery to see, that the VA was going to give him this surgery.  He told me that he wished he could see me and at the time because of my service connected injuries I told him I would look for him at the VA Hospital. I felt bad for David in his blind state and didn't understand why he was blind and homeless! However I understood he wouldn't be able to get a job like that. Unfortunately I have never seen David since and hope he is still alive. For a man who is blind certainly has no business living on the streets! The fact he was a veteran I am so ashamed of my country for Not taking care of their veterans,  as they should!

All of the programs as I had found are not made to deal with ill, injured people who cannot work and as I found out it can take years to get Social Security Disability! 

All homeless people throughout the United States will have their cases who are trying to get on Social Security Disability expedited, this will be part of the ammendment.  Veterans will be at the top to get help first because they had sacrificed so much for their country! 

All homeless will be rehabilitated, or get on disability if that is what they need. They all will be able to contribute back to society once again,  those who can. For those few who are mentally incapable of caring for themselves they will be cared for in a mental institution and be treated.  No human should have to suffer in the United States! We take care of our pets better than we take care of our people in the United States. 

Those who can work will be rehabilitated, be given money management/ budgeting education for those with no knowledge of it. I propose part of this ammendment be that education for our children on how they financial care for themselves to help prevent homelessness.  I want to cover every possible angle of anyone becoming homeless. I purpose that in public schools either in junior or senior year they have a self sufficient class with real life scenarios randomly made with a spinner to reflect how true life deals us things we may not expect.  They will work individually and in groups and given different ways to prepare for life's difficulties,  using insurance,  savings, 211 resources (phone number),  etc. to help them through the many difficulties life can throw at us. This self sufficient class will be a minimum of one semester. It will also teach budgeting,  how to manage savings, checking account and money management.  This is to prevent our children from being homeless! Most parents don't teach this at home, so it helps that we give our children this knowledge so they will know how to handle difficulties in their lives as they arise.

If a person needs education to be able to get back in the work force then it shall be provided (such as R.O.P. programs, Department of Rehabilitation or maybe a person needs 2-5 classes at a college to get their degree? Then this can be provided.  If a person needs to be introduced to computers or needs to know specific computer programs then it shall be provided.  We want to make homeless part of the working society and adding to our communities. 

As far as housing I believe low income housing can be used, where section 8 should be given to help these people.  If they are requiring a larger place to live. For others like people single or who can go back to work I believe tiny houses are the solution to provide affordable housing while they get back on their feet or they could buy a tiny house on a small lot that they can sell later. This can be a stepping stone for those homeless who just lack a job and need to reestablish themselves. The unemployment office will give these homeless people priority and anyone facing homelessness to prevent homelessness. So we can get them jobs. 211 and all other online resources to get homeless people all help to thrive and succeed in overcoming homelessness! The nonprofit organizations who help homeless people can get funding from the government to help rehabilitate and keep accounts of how these people become homeless.  It is extremely important to keep track of these ways people become homeless to try to find other ways to prevent it!

Those who have a drug or alcohol problems will have the option of treatment.  However those who are using drugs illegally(street drugs) shall be put into a program for rehabilitation. This will also include psychiatric help and if need be for their protection and others remanded to a hospital if they are in fact a threat to themselves or someone else.  

Those who are parolees who are trying to get into society the parolees who did state time shall be helped to get a job, as they did their time.  This is another reason why people become homeless.  Their used to be a parole program to help parolees get jobs and established after they get out, but I was told it no longer exists.  We need to encourage the public businesses to hire parolees and they will be offered a tax break by the government.  This will help to ensure that they will not go back to prison.  

Middle class women who became homeless because of the 2003 fires in California (San Diego County).  Why? There were different companies who refused to pay out on claims! This could have been prevented by our government! So this middle class educated women became homeless. Living on her property would have been better and safer than her living on the streets! For people who lose their houses from earthquake,  fires, natural disaster they should be allowed to live on their property and not just for 2 years. A tiny home should be allowed to be put it on the property so they can live there or temporary housing for at least 5 years to help them reestablish their home. However the tiny home can remain on the property indefinitely if it is their only dwelling on the property and they are not able to rebuild their home.  Nonprofit organizations can help the low income (habitat for humanity or any other non-profit organizations who help repair or build houses can help in this situation.  

After a person becomes homeless it is hard to get out for a few different reasons. Would you want to hire a person who looks disheveled,  or doesn't have a home address? Not all homeless look homeless.  

The whole idea is to make solutions to rehabilitate homeless people and those who are unable to work getting them the income on Social Security Disability and in a home. 

Those who move cross-country and become homeless this way. There will be an online available network for renting homes, condos, townhouses,  apartments,  all rentals and online job listing so they can establish in the new areas.  They can also call 211 for other referrals that might be needed. Commercials to let the public know how to best change areas without becoming homeless in the progress by planning.  The exceptions to the rules will be for a person trying to escape from a person whom they feel may harm them or child and will be able to get help in relocating by a facility or online entity.  This can be a non-profit organization or a government agency.  

I do have a copy of what Indonesia does to rehabilitate homeless people.  As I mentioned it can be used as a outline to make one for the United States while amending the constitution to rehabilitate our homeless people. 

I found many people who were homeless could go back and contribute to society by reestablishing themselves. 

Only one man who was a veteran wanted to remain homeless whom I spokewith (he was a Vietnam veteran), which the way our Vietnam Veterans were treated I understand,  but I feel that he deserves a home too. 

Please let's put an end to homelessness in the United States and get our constitution amended to be able to rehabilitate and help all the homeless in our country,  after all we do more for animals than people in our country.  No one wants to be homeless,  but it is always a possibility it can happen to anyone.  This will permanently end homelessness  and We The People have the power to make this happen! 


306 have signed. Let’s get to 500!