Justice for Harsh and Madhav.

Justice for Harsh and Madhav.

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M J started this petition to Amity University Admission Department and

The Incident took place on August 28. Both the boys, pursuing BA (Political Science), were assaulted by several students of the Amity University in Noida Sector 125. The victims claimed that the issue sparked after an argument over parking cars outside the campus. 

What actually happened:

"It was around 2.30 p.m. I was in my i20 car and was looking to park it while a girl in her Ford Endeavour came that way. She parked her SUV in the middle of the road and when I asked her to move, she started arguing with me. I parked my vehicle elsewhere and then when I confronted her again, she started abusing and threatening me after which the argument escalated," Harsh wrote in his complaint. He said, later, the girl came along with her male friends, who abused and assaulted him and Madhav. The victims approached the police after they were allegedly beaten outside the campus as well.

The girl however has falsely accused the victims of molesting her. 

Shame on women who misuse a sensitive issue we all have been facing for ages. While some women cannot speak up still about the actual molestation or harrassment that they face, here this girl with a massive ego ends up getting 2 men almost killed by goons. Following which she tried saving herself because obviously things got way out of hand ,she filed a molestation case. 

I don't care if those kids are spoilt or from rich families , power should not be misused. 

Kommal Kumar, Mayank Tanwar, Chetan Rao , Shiv Sherawat , Ritika Dhania the names of the actual accused. I feel extremely sorry your parents have to witness something like this.

I request Amity University that there's no need for a special department of such to be set. If there was a child from your own familes who got beaten up the same way , I don't think you'd be diplomatic and politically right , take your time to form a committee for this. Expel such power hungry students immediately. 

Also Kommal someone requesting you to move your car and you not wanting to do the same does not account to molestation.

If there was even little truth in your stories you wouldn't delete all your social media accounts out of fear , because you realised that the public isn't stupid enough to believe your rant.

So, even if there was a 0.5% chance of what the girl said was true , she had no right to decide how the guys had to be punished. You and your friends aren't law makers. 


I hope the parents and families of these students don't cover up what their children have done.

The girl claims both the parties got into a fight , however I want to know why her friends who she claims got beaten up have not come out to the media, like Harsh or Madhav did ? Why are only Harsh and Mashav's  pictures viral madam? 

Please understand it's about almost killing two human beings! I'm sorry but the public have not heard of anything happening to your friends.


Let's sign this petition and make sure Harsh and Madhav get justice. 





0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!