We want CEO of to refund our money

We want CEO of to refund our money

80 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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Started by Michael Travis

The cryptocurrency social media platform was launched in 2019 by its CEO and Founder. It was championed as a refuge of free speech and an equalizer of rampant income inequality in the world. had a great start, but then in 2020 when launched his other company () started to get less and less attention. Along the way, made many promises from integrations, partnerships, new website functionality, and a mobile app when he hyped up his project.

Some of the screenshots of his lies are here:

Everything is listed here with all the details on how investors were scammed:

Twitter Profile of who has scammed everyone:

has been lying to all the investors about what was to come. A lot of fake promises were made to investors and the kind of marketing that was done attracted many of the investors and many of them invested with everything they had. Right after made money by selling his tokens privately as well as at the market, he lost interest in uptrennd.com and stopped replying to everyone. He even started snubbing the investors for the past 5-7 months. Now came up with the announcement where investors were told that the company is shutting down. has dropped the price of the token by dumping own tokens and has removed liquidity. People are left with nothing and have lost their life savings. 

We want justice. We want a refund of our money that we paid the CEO of.

80 have signed. Let’s get to 100!