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American Water is waging an all-out attack on working families in this Country.

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This Company is demanding huge concessions in Health Care, while only offering minimal wage increases.

This Company is demanding that Union workers be replaced by contractors, but it is doubtful that the consumer would see any reduction in the cost of their water.

It's not about money - It's all about UNION BUSTING!

American Water granted more than $12.5 million in total pay during 2010 to only seven top executives – including $3.5 million to former CEO Don Correll, who resigned in August 2010, and $1.4 million to new CEO Jeffry Sterba, who worked for the company less than five months last year.

Jeff’s compensation for 2010 according to Forbes:

Salary $246,634.00
Bonus $200,000.00
Restricted stock awards $308,618.00
All other compensation $12,955.00
Option awards $ $311,741.00
Non-equity incentive plan compensation $333,124.00
Change in pension value and nonqualified deferred compensation earnings $0.00
Total Compensation $1,413,072.00

Tell Jeff Sterba enough is enough. Stop your attacks on Union Workers! Keep qualified Union workers collecting the water, treating the water, and maintaining the water systems.

Letter to
American Water CEO Jeff Sterba
Stop your attacks on working families!

I have been reading about your Company’s behavior and actions toward the working men and women that are employed by American Water and your many subsidiaries. Your actions directly affect them and their families.

You have hard working employees that provide a vital service to many customers in the United States and Canada. I for one want qualified individuals performing the tasks involved with treating, pumping, and maintaining the distribution system, not to mention entering upon my premises to service my needs.

Your attack on those working families is simply unacceptable. The use of “American” in your name is ridiculous. American Water and its subsidiaries are the furthest from American.

Restore your illegally implemented Health Care to its previous state, and bargain in good faith with the Unions that represent your 3500 unionized employees. I also demand that you stop attacking the work force by attempting to replace Union workers with untrained, unqualified, and unlicensed, contractors.

You continue to march right up the Public Service Commissions across the Country and shamelessly demand huge increases, and then shamelessly abuse your work force.

Jeff, you are the leader of this Company. Do the right thing! Treat your work force better!! Enough is enough.