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American Voters: Pledge to vote outside the 2 party system in 2018

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Join the #nomore2partysystem campaign by No More 2 Party System and pledge to vote outside the in-effect 2 party system (meaning vote for candidates who are neither part of the Democratic or Republican parties) in 2018.

Pledge to vote for alternative political party and/or independent options (such as Green or Libertarian Party candidates) when possible in the Presidential and/or local elections.

The Democratic or Republican parties are failing the American public. It makes no sense to leave the important job of running this nation to the same two parties that have created lie-based war, poverty, pollution, eradication of civil liberties, and 18+ trillion in national debt.

· Most Americans don't vote
· Most Americans want more choices besides Ds and Rs
· Congress continues to break records for all time low 'approval' ratings
· Millennials have less party affiliation allegiance than previous generations
· Registered American voters are picking "independent" more than Democrat or Republican

Lastly, people are not buying the tired old lesser of evil excuses about spoiler effect, SCOTUS, Duverger's law, Electoral College, 12th amendment, "wasted vote" / "they can't win," and the "most important election of our lifetime" fear-mongering rhetoric anymore.

Like it or not, the end of the failed 2 party system is inevitable.

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