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American Veterinary Medical Association: Stop Supporting Over-Drugging of Livestock

Recently, research has linked abuse of antibiotics in US livestock to resistant infections in humans. Hogworkers have a higher incidence of these infections, lending further credence to the link between "superbugs" and our overdrugged feedlot animals. Feedlot life is filthy and inhumane and animals who aren't sick are given antibiotics to promote growth and to keep them from becoming sick. The American Veterinary Medical Association spoke against legislation that would only allow livestock to be treated with antibiotics if it were ill. The AVMA should be speaking out in the best interest of the animals and in the interest of public health. Overmedicating feed animals is a bad idea for humans and livestock.

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Letter to
Assistant Director, Gov Relations, AVMA Dr. Ashley Shelton
Publicity, AVMA Tom McPheron
The American Veterinary Medical Association should have a vested interest in animal welfare. The AVMA's opposition to limit antibiotic use in livestock to treatment of sick animals is a bad decision for animals with consequences for humans as well. By opposing antibiotic limits, you are supporting status quo animal life on a concentrated animal feeding operation. Overuse of these drugs is causing drug-resistant "superbugs" in humans, particularly in those that work amongst livestock.

Your mission states that your purpose is to "improve animal and human health."

You should be fighting against the cramming of animals in small, filthy quarters. You should be against animals covered in their own feces. You should be against animals being fed a diet they are not evolved to eat. You should be against the overdrugging of livestock. You should be standing against these crimes against animals, not fighting for the continued overuse of antibiotics that allows feedlot operations to continue as they do.