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Remove Gunshot from Your Accepted forms of Equine Euthanasia by Veterinarians


Euthanasia- greek for "Good Death".
Definition: "refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering."

In the medical world we connect the word euthanasia to the pink injectable overdose of an anestetic drug to induce a quick and painless death to a suffering animal. The American Veterinary Medical Association is an association of skilled veterinary doctors yet the AVMA identifies gunshot as a humane form of euthanasia (good death). But the reality of the matter is from a scientific and medical standpoint gunshot is NOT a humane form of euthanasia for all species covered in the large animal medical field. Equines (horses) specifically because of the build of their skull.

Contrary to the AVMA guidlines of accepted practices of euthanasia for veterinarians, gunshot is NOT a humane form of euthanasia.

Unlike cattle and other livestock animals horses skulls are several times more thick than other livestock animals skulls. Often times death takes multiple shots, a swift move of the head can cause a misplaced shot, even shots that are placed correctly take longer to penetrate the skull and hit the CNA of the brain in a horse than other livestock animals. This is one of the main reasons equine slaughter is looked upon as both an inhumane and illegal practice within the USA (for now).

Do not wait your signature counts. We are an advanced country leading the way in the medical field. This is not an acceptable medical practice for doctors! Sign if you agree!

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