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Please Print Up & Give Out Pamphlets That Contain This Vital Information to ALL of Your Customers !, that you do take money from. You Owe this to All of the Dogs & Cats of America !.

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I personally  have been sending out the email below,  to as many as I can find on Craig’s List, & other places, have answered Newspaper ads where  people advertise their dogs and cats for Free, to warn them of the dangers of giving away their dogs and cats for Free.   As you can probably guess, this is an enormous task that I cannot do by myself.   I could be on my computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of my life, and never accomplish this thoroughly, only slightly at best.   First and foremost, I think the Veterinarians of America have failed the very patients they vowed to care for in some respects.   What I send out in this email, could be put in a printed pamphlet form, and be given to every customer that comes in with a dog, cat or other pet & to the Farmers where they go to treat their livestock.   It really would not cost that much to print up these pamphlets, and give them out.   Also, I think the Humane Societies and Rescues should do the same. 




I have written to HBO about their Documentary called ‘Dealing Dogs’, that was first shown in the year 2006,  and have requested they show it again, but they have not.  This is what the reviews say, Dealing Dogs Received Two Emmy Nominations: Best Documentary and Outstanding Investigative Journalism -- It also won the Humane Society's Genesis Award for Best Cable Documentary.    This Documentary is also on You Tube for all to see, however when I look at how many views it has tabulated so far, the number is very very low.




  Perhaps if HBO would receive enough requests and also from people with influence, that would help to get this program shown again.  Furthermore, I think this  documentary  should be shown on Free Public TV , for all to see, and to show it at least once a month.   People are not getting the message out there !.  They are, in most cases uninformed and stay ignorant of the facts, however they are not stupid, just uninformed.   Something needs to be done about this.  There should be no reason that 10 million dogs and cats should die every year, from some kind of neglect and abuse.  I need  the Veterinarians of America to get on board as well as all Humane Societies that are located in most cities in the United States,  and last but not least, the Rescue Organizations for  the dogs and cats and  other animals,   in America !!!.  They too could be giving out these printed Pamphlets, without much of an expense, however it does cost money, but they could incorporate this expense, include it in the Adoption Fees.  I am guessing that a printed Pamphlet would cost no more then One Dollar, so they could add one dollar to their adoption fee.  It really is quite that simple.

The Email - with links for much more information:


If you are just as concerned for the welfare of free-to-good-home pets, & the $$ for Pets !,  then please SHARE THE LOVE and pass this message along!!



Hello :-)  I would like to offer you information to help your pet(s) find the best home possible.          Is Your Ad Free To Good Home ?  If you care where your animal might be going then PLEASE read:    1.  Free animals are widely used for >> DOG FIGHTING BAIT &  TARGET PRACTICE. This is a growing concern, DON’T think it can't happen to your animal !!.   CHECK OUT THESE LINKS:


  2.  Animals given away for free can be picked up and used by laboratories for testing purposes. People who are licensed by the USDA to buy animals from "random sources" are called "Class B Dealers"   Bunchers ! CHECK OUT THESE LINKS:


      3.  Think you should just give your animal to a shelter? Animals are also sold directly to laboratories by shelters. They are also sold to "BuncherS" and Class B Dealers who sell them to labs or to other people who may use them as bait for dog fighting or target practice. CHECK OUT THESE LINKS:


  Please Charge a "re-homing" fee of $25.00 or more to increase your pets chances of going to a good home and not being used for nefarious purposes.     To those of you charging a fair re-homing fee, Thank You !.  You are doing the right thing if you really have to let your Fur Kid go.  Course do remember, they would prefer to stay with you, someone they already love.


__________________________________________________________ I am only trying to inform those who actually love their pets and wish to see them go to a loving home. So to those of you that are going to send me nasty hate mail of some kind: I don't bother with it as it is of no importance to me. ____________________________________________________________   ~*~KINDEST REGARDS FROM YOUR FELLOW PET LOVER~*~   ***********************************


If you are interested in reading more, just Google search "what happens to free to good home animals" or read this article for your information: *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Note >>>>- For every 1 person born there are >> 15 kittens and >>>10 puppies born.    Please Spay/Neuter/Adopt. DON'T BE THE REASON shelters have to euthanize & possibly sell your Fur Kids.


  A Dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun, too faithful to leave, to frightened to run. He's been there for days with nothing to do, but sit by the road, waiting for you. He can't understand why you left him that day, he thought you and him were stopping to play. He's sure you'll come back & that's why he stays, how long will he suffer, how many more days ?. His legs have grown weak, his throats parched and dry, he's sick now from hunger, & falls with a sigh. He lays his head down & closes his eyes, I wish you could see, how a waiting dog dies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                 Thank You, Sincerely,  just me  ,,, by the way, this is not spam. I do not make one red cent doing this.  Matter fact, it costs me in actual money for my equipment and electricity costs, running my computer & monitor for a few hours a day, doing this.   It IZ an Absolute Abomination that 10 Million + Dogs & Cats, Puppies & Kittens, Die on the Streets or in so called Shelters, Every Year !.  That is a True Holocaust Every Year ! & America is supposed to be a Dog and Cat Friendly Nation ????.  Oh Really !.  I wonder how an Unfriendly One is !. Well we can look to China & other Asian Countries to know that.  The Philippines got it Right Though !.  If anyone there is caught Abusing Any Kind of Animal, whether it be a Domestic Pet, A Wild Animal or a Food Animal, they get 2 years in a hard time Prison + are Heavily Fined !.  We, here in the Great Old United States, Should AT  Least !, Do the Same !.  Don’t you think ?. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________





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