Needed Emergency Pet Services After Hours, Weekends & Holiday's

Needed Emergency Pet Services After Hours, Weekends & Holiday's

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Michelle Michaud started this petition to American Veterinary Medical Association and

Our pets bring JOY to our lives everyday. This petition is about ensuring that our pets who need acute, critical care have the ability to receive it.

I lost my beloved 10 year old lab mix Denali because he could Not get emergency care overnight as he convulsed with seizures. He was euthanized the following day.

The veterinary medical providers are Not prepared for the number of pets requiring after hours care and emergency services. There are only a handful of vet clinics offering overnight -emergency care and pets are turned away/denied care every night who are in critical condition & in need of emergency-urgent care.

The afterhours clinics will turn you away, tell you to call back, tell you we may have an opening in 8 hours.  Its heartbreaking and unacceptable as you watch your pet suffering knowing how bad things are and you cant get them help.

It is my goal that Veterinarians will team up and work together so that more clinics can offer after hour care.  If veterinarians (on a rotational basis) would offer their services and  support the clinics and hospitals that are open after hours this would make a tremendous positive impact and go along way towards saving animals lives..

The current plan in place is not sufficient.  Far from it.  Pets are dying and I hope we can work together to expand these services and support the veterinarians who are providing critical care after hours.

If roles were reversed, Our pets would do the same for us.  Their love is unconditional.  Their companionship is priceless. It's time for us to come up with a plan and use our voice to help our pets.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for signing and sharing!








851 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!