Provide Academic Forgiveness to AU Students due to COVID-19

Provide Academic Forgiveness to AU Students due to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has unfortunately impacted the ability for students to fully focus on their education, resulting in students receiving grades they are not comfortable with or that they would not have received under normal circumstances. It is important to recognize that low-income students face a unique set of academic pressures that impact them throughout their undergraduate experience and must maintain good academic standing in order to qualify for the financial aid that allows them to continue attending the University. Studies have illustrated that mental illness such as anxiety and depression typically affect second- and third-year students at higher rates than other undergraduate class standings. Academic rigor is essential to achieving preeminent university curriculum and it is crucial for students to be provided with support systems that allow them to challenge themselves to take on robust course loads.

Because students were unsure of how the option of pass/fail that American University offered earlier this spring would affect their financial aid or eligibility for scholarships, many chose to opt-out of the opportunity. As students, we understand that the university has been impacted due to Coronavirus in various ways and that our institution was not aware of how the Coronavirus would affect the education of its students. 

Based on how the semester played out grade-wise for many, as a student body, we are asking for the university to consider a program similar to freshman forgiveness: allowing students of all class standings to have the option to retake classes they may have failed, or not done as well as they would have liked to. We ask that the university take this manner seriously and consider this option. Our neighboring school, George Washington University, and other universities across the country have decided to implement a class forgiveness plan based on COVID-19 circumstances and we want to see AU do the same.  

If the forgiveness plan is not doable for any reason, we ask that the university take into account the undue burden and stress the pandemic may have had on students and, in extension, their classwork and grades. We would like the university to make a commitment that no one’s financial aid will be affected based on the grades they received in this past Spring semester.