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Send Immediate Support and Rescue

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Right now, at this very moment, their are lives in an airport in Puerto Rico that have no water or food or medication that wait for rescue and relief to arrive, and no one is coming.

Right now, at this very moment, their lives in Puerto Rico that are staying in place in line for the last two days and for unknown days to come, that are facing a CRISIS that is being IGNORED and at the very least, is not being viewed by our dignitaries as the true humanitarian crisis THAT IT IS.

Right now, at this very moment, I don't know how to help. I'm at a loss and truly, truly heartbroken for these people. But just because I don't know HOW to help right now, doesn't mean I can't find a WAY to help. I am one person, who can do at least ONE thing.

Right now, that one thing, is publicly calling attention to this devastating issue.

Right now it is bringing this light to others, to other "one person's" who can do "one thing" too.

Next, I'm going to reach out to my Senators, the Red Cross and our President via this petition to implore them to urgently send aid and resuce and relief.

And from there, I will continue to do ONE THING........

So, join me? Sign, Share and do ONE THING to stop this Humanitarian Crisis that should not be happening in the first place........


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