American police's thefts, perjury, hacking, stalking & corruption uncovered!!

American police's thefts, perjury, hacking, stalking & corruption uncovered!!

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Started by Against Injustice

This is a real life situation of blatant INJUSTICE and Fremont Police Department's bold corruption, abuse of power, crimes of thefts, fraud, perjury, vindictiveness, negligence and cruelty to animals of Tri City Animal Shelter's staff and complete indifference of local politicians like Mayor Lily Mei, Councilwoman Teresa Kang and Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley.  Make no mistake, the US and California Constitutions and laws really mean nothing to these authorities as their actions go to prove it and we aim to establish it. Please read through entire petition.

The background is that we were living in a residential community in Fremont, California last year 2021 and had been for decades.  Our homeowners' association's (HOA) high on power unethical Board of Directors often violated the community rules and the Walsh Property Management's (WPM) Agent Harriet Walsh & others before her such as Nikea Scarborough, Michael (Mike) Uttic and many others and even company's egocentric owners Edward Walsh and Illona Walsh had been overlooking it deliberately.

Once Ed Walsh told one of us blatantly that he would not enforce rules on the Board of Directors for their rules violations because they wrote his paycheck.  

Whenever we pointed to any Board of Directors' rules violations, the Board and Walsh Property Management immediately retaliated by sending us bogus rule violation notices to put us on defense.  When we attended HOA meetings to put forth our concerns & discuss our proofs, WPM & BODs literally shut us down with their excuses and avoidance tactics.  This went on for decades.  Their harassment of us continued endlessly.

Last June 2021, our HOA's unethical Agent Harriet Walsh went too far in her dishonesty and retaliating against us.   When we saw a BOD having HOA hired and paid landscapers to do free maintenance of his yard & trimming the trees, one of us filmed that from our clear legal vantage point & advised Harriet Walsh of it in writing. Those very landscapers had just advised us during the community project that they could NOT accept any paid private work from any homeowner there.

Within a day or so of reporting the Board using HOA funds paid landscapers for his yard work, Harriet Walsh became defensive and retaliated by contacting (now fired or resigned controversial, please Google him) then Fremont's City Manager Mark Danaj making a completely false report that one of us (who is the adult grown son) was suspected by her of "elder abuse" of his parents, was mentally unstable or crazy, had been keeping many pet cats and implied there was some foul odor coming from our home (when she never came forward or identified of having been to our home outside at all to claim of having smelled any such odor). Her claims had no merits.  

Taking of such report was NOT the legal domain or within the jurisdiction of the Danaj's Office but for no explained reason, his office entertained it and passed that misrepresention to FPD. Danaj's staff contacted Fremont Police Department (FPD) and Tri City Animal Shelter (TCAS) Animal Control to investigate it. FPD hands were already dirty with us due to our past interactions with them. They were sufficiently disgruntled by it.

FPD had for years mistreated us and treated us like second class citizens by not bothering to investigate our valid complaints of our home being burglarized, vehicles being broken into & vandalized, one of us being assaulted, mail and packages thefts, one of us being robbed, others trespassing onto our property repeatedly, thefts from our vehicles and home etc. seriously even if there was obvious crimes video footages available for them to obtain from the locations evidencing the culprits' involvement.  Basically, FPD was/is so incompetent and/or bias that it never solved any of those small or big crimes against us or never really cared to.  We had shared that disappointment to them over the years as our feedbacks which fell on deaf years.

TCAS also ignored the same dogs running off leashes loose around the neighborhood violating the leash curb codes, dogs owners not picking up after their dogs often, off leash dogs terrorizing running/chasing after neighborhood and pet cats, shelter killing healthy cats and kittens and refusing to intake lost and found cats and friendly stray even, pet owners leaving their dogs in locked up hot vehicles, dogs owners driving them in the open back of the trucks endangering their safety blatantly not to mention violating the codes of not having them secured in a proper crate with food & water present there and TCAS Field Services staff ignoring to come secure sick or injured cats and/or scoop up dead cats from the streets. 

FPD and TCAS jumped on the chance to harass us based on Harriet Walsh's accusations against our family.  FPD showed up at our home and posted immediate open warnings, multiple notices threats and even started fining our son for having many cats, unsanitary conditions "inside", havimg numerous unlicensed cats and more not even stepping inside to witness any such thing.

We contacted the FPD and TCAS by calls and emails trying to ask who instigated them to think of such vile things as then we had not known yet it was disgruntled Harriet Walsh behind it. FPD for most part ignored us. They began demanding us to let them enter our home and inspect it as if US Constitution's Fourth Amendment was for show and we had no rights. When we were going to, they became more bullying to not give us any clarifications.    

We received legal advice to not allow FPD or TCAS in our home as they had no legal basis to enter it absent any legal court process.  TCAS' Kelly Miott with the help of Fremont Code Enforcement and Deputy City Attorney Lacey Bronwen and Debra Margolis fabricated a bunch of lies against one of us, the son, and obtain a civil Inspection Warrant. The Judge had no idea that FPD, TCAS' Manager Kelly Miott, Code Enforcement and Lacey Bronwen were in cahoots to defraud the Court to just get some order to get into our home acting like tyrants.  The threshold to get a search warrant was high so they utilized the Inspection Warrant to invade our home.

Without even serving the Court Order on any of us all of these officials of City had begun monitoring, following and stalking us unbelievablely.  FPD came to learn that we the elderly parent were live and fine living in our 2nd home far away from Fremont and not even with the grown son at that period so there was not an iota of validity of Harriet Walsh's story of "elder abuse" against our family.  FPD and Kelly Miott are so corrupt they disregarded such huge fact & still lied in their Affidavits submitted to Judge as if the lives of us elder couple were in jeopardy and got the IW.

While we had no idea of the IW being issued and were not home, FPD, TCAS and Code Enforcement claim they used a "locksmith" to open our locks yet they never could identify that locksmith's name or business address or him/her having a valid and current locksmith license.  

The IW was for them to check our home's plumbing, electricity, heating and structure, check how many excessive cats may be there, if us elder couple were fine and there was no horrible odor there. These City's officials instead searched and seized/stole our doctor-patient privileged,, attorney-client privilege, veterinarian/patient/client privileged, dentist-patient privileged, private social security, education, citizenship,  business and personal records.  To our amazement, they literally stole our passports, cell phones, harddrives,  portable drives, thumb drives, memory cards, old SIM cards, note books, laptop(s), photos, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, disks, keys, diaries having our emails, social security numbers, driver's license numbers, banks, stores, credit cards and other accounts' passwords and pin numbers, security secret questions, many receipts and a whole lot more. They also confiscated a few neighborhood rescue cats that were trapped,, neutered and released (TNR) from outside and our indoor/outdoor pet cats too. The civil IW Court Order did not permit that. 

FPD and others involved denied stealing our property and those cats.  They denied us of due process to obtain our cats. They refused to let us come look for them at the shelter. They refused to let us view the found, lost and dead cats public records.  Kelly Miott made endless excuses just like in years before she did in denying us to turn in any found cats or kittens there.  During all of this if we came across any sick or injured cats and we reported it to TCAS, FPD, Code Enforcement and Kelly Miott to help it, they all ignored it and let those cats suffer and some died unhelped.  The ones we tried to take to private Vets, FPD and TCAS contacted those Vets defaming us to them and even influencing them to give us hard time and deny us their services. TCAS had no business to do this. It was all illegal and unethical conduct. 

Beacon Animal Hospital, Tri City Animal Hospital, For Paws, Ohlone Humane Society in Fremont, East Bay SPCA in Oakland & Dublin, Humane Society of Slicon Valley (HSSV), Parktown Pet Hospital in Milpitas, 9 Lives Foundation in Redwood City, San Jose Animal Care Services, Oakland Animal Shelter, Berkeley Animal Care Services (BACS), SFSPCA, San Francisco Animal Care Services (SFACC), Island Cat Rescue (ICRA), Berkeley Humane Society, San Mateo County Animal Shelter and so many other rescues, clinics and Veterinarians we had associated with to help stray/feral cats, Kelly Miott began dictated them to deny us of their services when FPD and TCAS could not authenticate any truth to that elder abuse allegation, found only 4 healthy rescues in our home  and learned that our home was being repaired/remodeled as we were in that process.  They got angry to be wrong.

We had helped over the years and help a lot of homeless cats by getting them spayed and neutered, if sick or injured then medically treated and get kittens and friendly cats adopted and TCAS has known it and rather than helping those cats, they harassed us for cats who briefly and temporarily we rescued for that purpose.  We contacted Council woman Teresa Kang, Mayor Lily Mei and District Attorney Nancy O'Malley about theft or our property and cats and they all ignored it.  These are the public employees and elected or appointed officials, yet they do not care to listen or do any justice to us public.  We know our property and cats are stolen by FPD, TCAS, and the City.  The things did not vanish period.

FPD, Newark Police Department, Union City Police Department, Hayward Police Department, Oakland Police Department, San Francisco Police Department, San Jose Police Department, Milpitas Police Department, Berkeley Police Department, Dublin Police Department, San Mateo Police Department and others have been influenced by FPD to harass us and they are doing this.  Daily round the clock, whenever we go into these cities they follow us in police marked and unmarked vehicles.  

Our cell phones, emails, online other accounts are hacked and they have gained access to our texts, emails, photos, documents, browsing history, settings and our real time GPS location.  FPD and others are clearly involved.

The worst part is that TCAS, FPD and UC Animal Control began releasing an ongoing number of unfixed cats in multiple cities cat colonies where we have helped fix cats there before.  They are disorienting those cats. We have found and picked up many cats dead getting hit or injured.  Some of those cats at the colonies seem poisoned or killed.  Many of the colonies cats keep disappearing.  Trash gets dumped at those colonies and cat stations are sabotaged there often.  Nobody else could know of where we go daily and have fixed cats except TCAS and FPD as they took our records, hacked our emails, texts and contacted others we dealt with to know about our colonies etc.

When we emailed concerns to FPD Chief Washington and FPD's Internal Affairs' Investigator Darryl Manrique, they all failed to act on it.  Captain Matthew Snelson of FPD avoids or refuses to give us access to most of the requested public records and keep denying us actual records making utter lame excuses.  They got plenty to hide their abuses of power and corruption.

After months of not getting our property and cats, we filed a legal Claim against them.  Since then, we are haunted by FPD,  They follow us.  They leaked our home's private photos to other unauthorized person.  Kelly Miott lies about the whole situation to everyone around us.  

This is happening to us in America.  We will upload photos and videos of them stalking us daily.  Their license plates are often fake or they show being police vehicles. It is very possible that they have contacted Secret Service or FBI to represent us as national risk to put them on our tail.  The sheer number of police vehicles who follow us is beyond belief.  We and you the taxpayers folks are paying for the gas they are burningin vain, for the salary of those secret operators and this is the degree of their corruption that if some police department decides to rape any public member of his/her legal rights, they literally can.

They have committed so many criminal acts by now in just hacking us that one should just be amazed but they have stolen our personal property and cats.  Then stealing, dumping and not helping strays goes to show how they can be so cruel to animals.  

Union City Animal Control knows of this cat hoarder lady Michelle S. off of 14th Street in Union City who has 100+ cats and yet she is not bothered or brought to end her hoarding of cats while TCAS got an Inspection Warrant to gain entry into our home where they could not find a whole bunch of cats as they hoped. 

Another woman Cindy F. in Newark is hoarding 80+ cats and Newark Animal Control and PD knows it and does not care to investigate her for hoarding cats.  She even misrepresents that she runs a 501 (c)3 non profit at rescue when our research did not find that to be correct.

A lady named Marie M. off of Parkside Drive in Fremont was having 42+ cats and Kelly Miott and FPD knows it, yet they overlook that.  She trespasses into others' property to feed cats and FPD permit that while FPD/TCAS harassed us to not feed a few strays out there near our home even.

This Police abuse is OUT OF CONTROL and must end.  We are being illegally hacked and stalked by Police and all other officials are just allowing it.

Please do not let it happen and sign and share this petition to bring awareness to this law enforcement corruption.  We urge you to remember to not reelect or support Mayor Lily Mei, Councilwoman Teresa Kang, DA Nancy O'Malley, FPD Chief Washington and report Code Enforcement 's bullying to higher officials and bring it into limelight on socialedit like this.

FPD/TCAS  should be asked to take a polygraph to prove they are innocent in all of it.  We know they will fail on it miserably.  

54 have signed. Let’s get to 100!