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AMA needs to stand up against laws requiring unnecessary medical procedures

You should sign this petition if you’re sick and tired of legislatures creating medical bills without any regard to medical facts, patient beliefs, and the right to privacy. Sign this petition if you want the AMA to stand up to state and federal legislatures and say enough is enough!! You’re not doctors! None of this is necessary and the rest of it should not be legal and we will not participate in your war on Women!

The American Medical Association needs to stand up against recent and any legislation that calls for unnecessary medical procedures, especially ones done against a patient’s consent, any legislation that allows and supports a doctor to lie to their patient, and any legislation aimed at the medical community that is not based on medical evidence and fact. Doctor-patient communication is essential for a healthy life and allowing doctors to lie to their patients because a doctor does not agree with a patient’s decision is dangerous for the health of the patient. No doctor should support any of these types of legislation, and the AMA as a whole should come out against all of them.

Examples of the bills I am referring to include:
1. Arizona sponsored a bill to prevent doctors from being sued for malpractice if they know a fetus has a disability and chooses to not inform the mother on the basis that the doctor *thinks* the mother *might* abort, if she finds out about the disability, deformation, etc.
2. Texas Governor signed into law requiring a medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasound (state sponsored rape) whether the patient wants one or not.
3. Virginia Governor signed into law requiring a medically unnecessary ultrasound whether the patient wants one or not.
4. Bills requiring doctors to tell patients unproveable statements or statements that go against known medical fact, such as the point at which life begins.
5. Any bill that has contradicts known medical facts, such as the point at which a fetus begins to feel pain (Indiana bill that wanted doctors to tell patients that fetuses feel pain at 20 weeks when the journal of the American Medical Association states it is 23 weeks because pain cannot be “felt” until a certain portion of the brain is formed.

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