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Justice for Cue the Australian Shepherd

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On December 5, 2016, a very special Australian Shepherd named Cue was rescued by Gwen DeMilta & Carissa Shimpeno after living for several months in the care of handler Laura Liebenow of Greenfield, MA.  It was discovered that Cue had gone missing from Laura's care after a post was seen on Facebook by a few in the Aussie community who recognized Cue but noticed she was in horrible condition. When confronted, Laura denied the accusation and sent a photoshopped image of Cue when she was asked to provide a current photo of her doing well.  Laura also denied any involvement with the missing Australian Shepherd and claimed it was an "Aussie Mix".  The next day it was proven by the man who found Cue that Laura did pick the dog up and that it was in fact, Cue.

After immediately being evaluated by Gwen's vet once in her care, it was evident that Cue had been suffering long-term neglect and starvation, weighing only 25lbs. Every effort was made to give Cue the best possible chance at a full recovery, but was unfortunately too late and Cue was released from her suffering on Tuesday evening, surrounded by those who loved her.

Laura did take Cue to the vet during the months spent in her care, so she was well aware that Cue needed medical attention, but did not seek proper veterinary care in time to help Cue, nor did she notify Cue's owner that she was ill or receiving care from a vet.  If this had been dealt with properly from the beginning our Cue would still be here today.

All of the evidence has been provided to AKC and the Greenfield Animal Control Officer​ and Greenfield Police Department - this is an ongoing investigation and AKC has been working very hard on their end, but we feel that the Greenfield ACO has fallen short on working diligently to help Cue and other animals who could have been in danger.  ASCA and USASA have also been notified, but Laura is not a member of USASA, so their scope of action is extremely limited, and ASCA is unable to preform any investigation and will uphold any ruling by a government authority, so it is essential that the Greenfield ACO follow through with this investigation since AKC and ASCA are relying on them to do their job.

By signing this petition, it is our hope that we raise awareness so that no other dog is put in a potentially dangerous situation and hope that the Greenfield Animal Control changes the way they handle situations like this, and can bring Justice to our beloved Cue.  Our biggest concern is that Laura is a professional handler, whose primary job is to care for the dogs left in her charge and closely communicate with their owners of anything that could possibly happen. Laura did not once tell the owner that there was a problem with the dog and when confronted about the situation, Laura tried to hide the fact that the dog was in danger with several lies including a photoshopped photo.

Our plan is to deliver this petition to Greenfield Animal Control and raise awareness that animal neglect cannot be brushed to the side and as a breeder and professional handler, Ms. Liebenow must take full responsibility for her actions and be held fully accountable by the organizations and the law.  We would like to see a change in the way these organizations handle animal neglect so that no other animal is at risk.  Thank you for your continued support.  We will be Cue's voice and the voices of all.  #JusticeForCue

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