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American Kennel Club: Stop ignoring the needless death and suffering of puppies.

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The American Kennel Club currently ignores dangerous breeding practices that unnecessarily produce special needs puppies, which frequently results in them being killed.  The UK Kennel Club has banned this practice and I think AKC should follow its example and shun this senseless and cruel practice.

Keller is my one and a half year old red double merle Australian Shepherd. The moment I saw her, I knew she was the dog for me.  But Keller, like so many other dogs, was born with special needs because of selfish and unethical breeding practices.

Merle is the gorgeous marble gray or red color of many specific dog breeds.  It’s often coveted in show dog circles which means merle dogs can be quite expensive.  In order to get this beautiful coat some breeders decide to double their chances by breeding two merle dogs together.  The problem with doing so, is that each puppy in these litters has up to a 25% chance of being a double merle, which can mean a life of being blind, deaf or both.

These dogs are considered “useless” and are often killed by the breeder. I know Keller is not useless. She is so smart and talented and I am so thankful to have her in my life. However, I am concerned about a breeding practice that encourages the culling of puppies that were only brought into this world for profit.

Signing this petition will send a message to the AKC that irresponsible breeding habits aren't acceptable and will not be tolerated any longer. Together we can save thousands of puppies from meeting this sad end.

In 2012 the UK Kennel Club announced they were banning the registration of merle-to-merle bred puppies. This has helped discourage this terrible breeding practice and save many puppies from being born blind and deaf. I think it is high time that the American Kennel Club follow the lead of the UKKC and ban this inhumane breeding method. Tell the AKC that if they care about dogs, prove it; and say no to merle-to-merle breeding.

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