American Girl- Please display your dolls without hair and have available for purchase at your stores!

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I wrote this letter for my daughter Ella who has alopecia and every girl dealing with hair loss. Our hope is that with enough support American Girl will fulfill this challenge and add dolls without hair for purchase in the stores, not just for special order. Dear American Girl, Why not add a doll without hair for purchase in store and not just for special order? Here is our story.... We just got back from a wonderful day at American Girl Store in Chicago. This was our second trip to your store, the first was after my daughter's appointment at Children's Hospital located very close to your Chicago store. On that day a dermatologist confirmed my daughter has alopecia which means she will live with spots of hair loss for the rest of her life and there is a chance that she may lose all of her hair. With large spots of hair loss already my husband and I are determined to teach her that hair does not define who she is or how beautiful she is. So after our appointment we proceeded to American Girl for a special lunch and to buy a doll without hair (an alopecia doll as we call it). We didn't see an "alopecia doll" like the one online that we had seen, so we asked for help and we were told that we needed to special order one. Disappointed but determined to make the experience special we bought another doll and had a wonderful time. Now a year later we made the journey to your Chicago store again with an "alopecia doll"that her grandfather special ordered for her. We had a wonderful lunch and amazing experience, but something was still missing and a little disapointing. A voice inside of me was screaming .....two floors of dolls and every accessory you can think of and not one doll without hair on display?!?! Seriously all that inventory and just one "alopecia doll" can't be displayed? I appreciate the fact that I can order a doll without hair for my daughter, but why can't I buy one at your store? I challenge you American Girl to display and have dolls without hair for purchase in every American Girl store because with or without hair my daughter Ella represents everything American Girl stands for. Please consider this for all the girls with alopecia or cancer that are dealing with hair loss. Do this for the next young girl that walks into your store with alopecia or whatever the case may be so that she can find her truly me doll without having to "special order" and so she can go home with a new doll like all the other girls walking out that day. Thank you.

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