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The American Family Association is a certified anti-gay hate group. They get their money -- about $18 million a year -- from people who believe in hating LGBT people. And they're a 501(c)(3) organization, so your tax dollars subsidize their hate.

While the American Family Association has every right to their business model, do you believe they have every right to publicly single out children and attack them on the nation's airwaves?

American Family Association spokesperson Bryan Fischer recently verbally attacked Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a 16-year old transgender teenager, who was crowned Homecoming Queen at her (very conservative) Orange County, California high shool.

"He has a mental illness, he thinks he’s a girl and they elected him homecoming queen and the school officials allowed this charade to go on," Fischer proclaimed to his listeners who tune in daily to the hundreds of American Family radio stations that litter 38 American states. "That violates everything we know about gender, about sex, about genetics, about biology, about human health, about what mental health is, it violates every known standard of decency and normality in America."

Tell the American Family Association, "kids are off-limits!" It's not OK to attack children, and it's not OK to use America's airwaves to do it.

It's time to send the professional, multi-million-dollar anti-LGBT hate groups a strong message: "Kids Are Off-Limits!"

Letter to
American Family Association AFA President Tim Wildmon
Kids Are Off-Limits

How can you claim to be "pro-family" when you attack children?

Your top spokesperson, Bryan Fischer, almost daily attacks the LGBT community on your American Family Association radio show, Focal Point. But on September 24, 2013, Mr. Fischer verbally attacked a child, because they are transgender.

"He has a mental illness," Mr. Fischer told his listeners, on our nation's public airwaves. That's not OK.

The American Family Association and Bryan Fischer have every right to voice their opinions, but when it comes to children, Americans of good conscience agree that our nation's kids are off limits.

Please ask Mr. Fischer to stop attacking children, and, if he has to pick on someone, to pick on someone his own size. Children are not acceptable pawns to further your organization's anti-LGBT message.

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