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The Wilds is home to 25 non-native and hundreds of native species. The Wilds itself is the largest conservation area for endangered species in North America. It is first and foremost a nature preserve. It was made possible by AEP's donation of 9,154 acres of reclaimed strip mine land in 1986. AEP has reserved mineral and access rights however. 

Hydro-fracking is a risky procedure without a failsafe to protect water resources for the animals on the land. There are many cases of animal poisonings where fracking on farms has occurred. However, it not only affects animals, it affects air quality and water quality locally. 

People in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas are suffering due to the negligence of gas drillers in American communities. Most recently Ohio has been the dumping ground for the toxic activity with injection wells over Ohio, now John Kasich is setting us up to be fracked whether we like it or not.  

I urge Anadarko, AEP and The Wilds to halt plans to use a unproven method of energy extraction to save the animals and humans in the area from potential hazards due to hydro-fracking. I don't want to see The Wilds thrown in the list of ruined areas along with Pavillion, Wyoming, Dish, Texas and Dimock, Pennsylvania.

Letter to
The Columbus Zoo
Anadarko Petroleum
American Electric Power
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Columbus Zoo, The Wilds.

Ban hydrofracking on The Wilds' property.

AEP owns mineral rights on 9,154 acres of property on The Wilds nature preserve. In co-operation The Wilds, AEP and Anadarko plan to frack the area and "study" and "research" the effects of fracking on animals. All they need to do is ask farmers in Pennsylvania how their animals are doing, once Natural Gas stepped in. Please sign!


Joshua Deeds

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