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Retailers should provide fashionable, modest, age-appropriate clothes for girls.

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I am a fifteen year old girl, and every day I struggle with insecurity about my clothing.

A few months ago, on a shopping trip to the mall, I spent eight hours looking for bathing suits for a family cruise. I came home crying, because something I had been so excited about had turned into misery. 

A bathing suit should be the least of the problems for girls my age. But unfortunately, at almost every store available for our age group, girls are left with few options when it comes to modest, but fashionable clothing. We can't escape it. However much we love brands like Urban Outfitters and American Eagle, their products, while "cool", objectify us and destroy our self-esteem with the message that skimpy is pretty, that covered is not cool, that nothing tailored looks nice on us. Unless we want to wear bikini tops and too-short shorts, we end up dressing like we are decades older than we actually are, in pursuit of dressing elegantly and modestly.

I'd like to be able to go to my favorite stores and find fashionable, but modest clothing, that still looks my age and I know many girls who agree with me.

Clothes currently being released by beloved brands for girls tear away the innocence we deserve to treasure, and while we should look classy, young, and beautiful, we instead come across as cheap. By inundating us with the belief that “normal” is dressed in a half-shirt, any of us who fall outside of that range become alienated and insecure, despising ourselves for who we are and who we aren't.

At an age where that insecurity breeds negativity and self loathing, why should something as simple as clothing contribute to the epidemic?

If we could walk into the stores we love and see fun clothing that made us feel comfortable and pretty, the insecurity that we deal with would be minimized.  If we love what we’re wearing and are happy about ourselves, it changes the messages we put out to each other, so we can focus on encouragement instead of judgement.

Companies could have a major impact on this.

I am asking that retailers become more aware of their effect on girls; that they become conscious of the cut, length, and style of their clothing, even if it's as simple as adjusting the length of their skirts, dresses, and shorts, or how tight and sheer their shirts are, or how their bathing suits objectify girls as a whole.

Raise your voice with me, and call on the retailers for change. I and girls everywhere want to be able to be trendy and classy, modest but stylish, and on the way home from a shopping trip, not feel like we have to compromise our values to be loved and appreciated. We can be the first to initiate change, by asking retailers to rethink their products to build girls up, and not tear them down.

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