American Dental Association needs to promote COVID19 testing in the dental office

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As part of the dental community, I have read countless postings about how impossible it will be to assure our patients that our dental offices will be safe once businesses are allowed to open again.  Dental offices are different from most other small businesses.  Our work requires us to create an aerosole in the mouth at almost every step.  I contacted Abbott Labs and found out that it is both economically and physically feasible to use their 5 minute COVID19 testing machine in our dental office to screen ourselves and our staff at the start of each day and to screen every patient we need to treat.  However, our malpractice insurance carriers will not insure us because as of now, COVID19 testing is not within the scope of dental practice. We need the American Dental Association to amend, at least until there is a vaccine, the scope of dental practice to include COVID19 testing in the dental office in order to assure patients that we are catching the asymptomatic patients at the door and sending them home, instead of spreading the virus to us as dental practitioners, to our families, our staff, their families and our subsequent patients and their families.  This virus will not be eradicated soon. The vaccine will not be here soon. Please support this petition to have the American Dental Association add testing for COVID19 in the dental office as being within the scope of practice of all dentists.  Thank you.