The Declaration of Our Repentance

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The Declaration of Our Repentance

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 The Declaration of Our Repentance
When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a people to dissolve the spiritual bondage that keeps their souls distant from God and to assume the authority and power that God in His mercy entitles them, each person must humbly testify to the self-inflicted reasons that characterize the nature and extent of this spiritual affliction.

We hold to the Truth that God evidences to man, that all men have equal need of God, that they are created capable to understand and discover this need, for without this need fulfilled man will never truly live.  When a nation founds itself on the principle of knowing God and openly asks for His blessing, He will freely grant it until that nation turns away from Him. Men are designed by their Creator to crave Life, uphold Liberty, and pursue the fruits of Peace and Joy. To help men in these noble pursuits, Governments, Churches and Schools are established. Whenever any Form of Institution becomes destructive of leading men on the path to God, it is within the Authority of man to alter or abolish all allegiance to these bodies, and in their place establish a firm foundation on God, who is best able to secure man’s Provision and Protection. Caution will require man to make all efforts to tie his governance to that which lasts eternal rather than temporal. But the history of man shows that the convenience of small compromises are often chosen over transformative and lasting change, and only when the repeated injury from turning away from God leaves a man desperate and desolate will that man come to his senses and repent before a holy and perfect God. When finally, men are ready to reconcile the long succession of repeated abuse and submission to ungodly authority, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to establish new watchmen over the distribution of their share in His glory. When God’s remnant, having patiently and quietly endured with longsuffering the repeated injury of unjust and wicked authority, shall bear no longer the tyranny of wickedness over our own souls, the time comes to cast off such restraints and declare holy repentance. We have stood back and supported a corrupt power system by giving our time, our financial contributions, and our votes to politicians and rulers who have been unfaithful to the low standards of ethics and moral behaviors that we condone. As proof, consider these facts before God and before the world:

·       In 1962, formalized prayer in school was outlawed by the Supreme Court of the land

·       Our institutions of higher learning, once founded on the holy charge of understanding and spreading God’s word, now work feverishly to suppress it

·       We have abandoned the study of the Bible in our homes and our schools

·       The lack of importance in our society of understanding and knowing the Bible proves a lack of importance in understanding and knowing God

·       In the attempts not to offend fellow men by our speech and writing, we have neglected and offended the One True God

·       We have encouraged and instructed our children that sexual exploration and discovery is more important than sexual restraint and self control

·       We have become enamored by pornographic imagery across all forms of media, spending more time and money worshiping created things over the Creator and elevating the wants of self over the needs of God and others

·       Since 1973, 55 million lives have been lost to the sin of legalized abortion, affecting the hearts of 100 million potential fathers, mothers and countless families and communities.

·       We have supplanted God’s divine authority as Creator and sustainer of life in our hospitals, prisons and homes

·       We have established a medicinal conglomerate more interested in treating symptoms than curing disease, self medicating instead of seeking true healing

·       We have encouraged disease and poor health by our own behavioral decisions in the areas of love, unrestricted diet and lack of exercise

·       We have exchanged God’s standard of Truth for moral relativism and feel-good activism

·       We have substituted God’s freedom for arrogance of heart in determining our own way, allowing false pursuits to take precedence over the True pursuit of God

·       We have been irreverent to God, supporting the poisoning of His name and His church in our constant divisiveness and pursuits of power and influence over men

·       We have purported our definitions of marriage, religion, and morality as more truthful and more noble than those set out in the Word of God

·       We have reversed the Founders’ protection of church from the state to one of protecting the people from ever being effectively influenced by the church

·       We have tied the hands of chaplains, priests, and prophets, suppressing their Divine authority and protection in the name of diversity

·       We have chosen darkness over light in the public arena – our cities have become breeding grounds for all sorts of wickedness, including sexual idolatry and the celebrated love of money

·       We idolize celebrity and sports heroes by our time, attention and treasure, excusing and immortalizing those who turn their heads to wickedness in the pursuit of victory at all costs

·       We ignore the Sabbath, treating with contempt our time spent in church, only to live differently the other six days of the week

·       We have outlawed the use of the name of Jesus, upon which ALL men could be saved

·       We idolize and exonerate a Government run by arrogant men ruled by their own self-interest

·       We have relied on the Government to be our provider of food, housing and medical care instead of honoring our country’s legacy of a firm reliance on Divine Providence.

We, therefore, the representatives of God’s remnant on earth, those ambassadors called to His purposes, by the Authority given by God to declare in each our own hearts, soberly turn from our wicked ways and seek Him. We repeat the ancient vows: As for me and my house, I will serve the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the washing that comes from true repentance, we declare our lives completely free from the influence of the Prince of this Age, Satan and all his demons, and the way of this world that runs contrary to the ways of God. We keep step with the Spirit of power that gives peace and comfort to a land in need of God’s blessing. We reveal ourselves as sons of God - that we may shine His light in a darkened world.

We repent. We turn our lives, our hearts, and our minds back to you. We seek to understand and know You. God, You are our protection and provision, our foundation and our fortress. We pledge to God and to one another to fulfill that which the Holy Scriptures have commanded us to do – to love the Lord our God above all other things, and to love one another as God has loved us.

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