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American Chemistry Council: Stop Sabotaging Plastic Bag Bans and Fees!


All around the nation, cities and states are getting the message that disposable plastic bags are terrible for the environment. 

Today, the average American uses 300 to 700 single-use plastic bags every year. This "urban tumbleweed" clogs landfills and beaches and creates the Great Pacific Garbage patch, a Texas-sized swirl of ocean plastic debris and a deathtrap to wildlife. 

Unfortunately, this week, California lawmakers voted down what would have been a landmark statewide ban on single-use plastic shopping bags, the nation's first.

Its failure was largely thanks a massive lobbying and PR campaign mounted by the plastic bag industry as represented by the American Chemistry Council, which in reality is backed by the oil and petrochemical companies, such as Dow Chemical and Exxon Mobil, that make plastics.

Their campaign is not just rooted in California. From Seattle to Washington, D.C., the group has continually pushed to halt bag tax or ban initiatives that would curb use. 

What's worrisome is that many other cities and states, such as Oregon and Austin, Texas, are also considering plastic bag bans or taxes. There is no doubt that the American Chemistry Council will turn up at every chance to fight either of these options.

Will you sign this petition to tell the American Chemistry Council to cease its efforts to stymie government initiatives that will cut down on single-use plastic bags? 


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American Chemistry Council Jennifer Killinger
American Chemistry Council Allyson Wilson
I was very disappointed to hear that the California Senate voted down a proposed plastic bag ban and even more disappointed to learn about your multimillion dollar campaign waged against the bill.

All around the country, from Seattle to Washington, D.C., you have fought city and state efforts to cut down on disposable plastic bag use through ban or tax initiatives.

I do not feel that a ban or fee for single-use bags would at all limit my personal freedom. Neither will these policies impose undue burdens on my own bank account. Please kindly cease and desist your efforts to halt policies that will cut down on our nation's consumption of disposable plastic bags. Plastic bags are clogging up landfills and littering our beaches and oceans, and this needs to stop now! started this petition with a single signature, and now has 689 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.