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"gunshot to the brain" is NOT an acceptable method of equine euthanasia

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Does this horse deserve  to be shot in the face when it's his time to leave this earth? NO animal deserves this.

As an animal advocate, rescuer and intuitive, I am urging this organization to delete "gunshot to the brain" as an acceptable method of equine euthanasia for the following reasons:

1. An animal should leave this earth in peace and with love.  A gunshot is cruel, inhumane, very violent and very painful. Scientists and doctors may state that the brain doesn't have any feeling, but the skin, bone and pain receptors around the brain do  have feeling. Being shot in the head is VERY painful.

2. Horses, like all animals, are multi-dimensional sentient beings. Over the years, I have had to say good-bye to eight wonderful horses. When they let me know it was time to leave the earth, I explained to each one of them what was going to happen. I had an excavator dig a hole with a ramp and the horses willingly backed into it. The vet tranquilized the horse before giving it the "blue needle". Their exiting from the earth was calm and peaceful. Within hours of their passing, their spirits came to me to thank me for my kindness and compassion.

3. All animals have souls/spirits, just like humans, and no one would dare think that  a gunshot to the brain would be an acceptable way for a person to leave this earth, so why it acceptable for animals?

If we ever expect to have peace in this world, we have to have compassion for our four-legged friends who, like humans can think, reason, remember, feel (in fact, animals have a wide-range of emotions) and love. They are not here to serve mankind, but rather to teach us to have compassion and unconditional love.

"If you see, or hear of an animal being abused, and choose not to do something about it, you are just as guilty of the crime as the perpetrator."

"A gunshot to the brain" should be a crime. Please delete this method from your list of acceptable methods of equine euthanasia.

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