Rid the AAAS of Sexual Harassers

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One in ten women in science report they skip national conferences because of sexual harassment. Over 40% of women in science report having been harassed or assaulted on the job. The fact that individuals guilty of sexual harassment have retained their membership, or even the more prestigious appointment as AAAS Fellows, is unconscionable. Scientists should reasonably expect national professional societies to honor the safety of all their members.

The  American Association for the Advancement of Sciences is the largest scientific society and membership is an honor bestowed on the best of our scientific community. The AAAS Constitution's first stated goal is 'furthering the work of scientists, to facilitate cooperation among them, fostering scientific freedom and responsibility, to improve the effectiveness of science in the promotion of human welfare'. These goals can not be achieved while harboring individuals who have been sanctioned for sexual harassment, retaliation or assault.

We, the undersigned, ask that you revoke the honor of membership bestowed on individuals who have been sanctioned for sexual harassment, retaliation and assault by their employers. We ask that all members be required to provide documentation from their current administration, and any past institutions with which they have been associated in the last 15 years, that they have not been sanction for violations of employee codes or conduct related to sexual harassment, assault or retaliation.

By removing these individuals from the AAAS community, we can begin to repair and damage done they have done, restore the AAAS community to a place of prestige and move forward with a commitment to providing safe environments that foster scientific discovery.