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Petition to Airlines: Allow Hedgehogs to Fly in the Cabin!

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Hedgehogs are amazing little creatures. They are smart, they are so adorable, and they have become really popular pets in the last few years. I recently relocated across the country from my family with my companion hedgehog, Heloïse, and through planning a trip home for the holidays, discovered most, if not all airlines do not allow hedgehog travel, in the cabin or in the hold. 

Through some desperate inquiries, I have found that many airlines have false information about hedgehogs. The first inaccuracy being that they classify hedgehogs as 'rodents', which they are not. They are actually of the subfamily Erinaceinae, which is in order Erinaceomorpha, meaning they are more closely related to shrews or moles, and are not rodents at all. Because many airlines consider hedgehogs rodents, the reason they are not allowed in the cabin and in most holds is because they believe the hedgehogs will chew out of their carriers (as rats or mice would do), which is another piece of incorrect information. Hedgehogs do not chew on things like other animals might. They eat food, and sometimes may attempt to eat things that smell like food, but they do not chew in attempt to escape. 

Most airlines allow small cats and dogs to be kept in the cabin, while larger pets may be checked into a hold. The problem with many holds, temperature controlled or not, is that they just aren't warm enough for hedgehogs to travel safely. They are incredibly fragile animals, and require warm (72 degrees and above), stable temperatures, otherwise they may fall sick or go into hibernation and die. This makes it impossible to safely check a hedgie into the hold, because of the fluxuating temperatures that can become too cold.

Another aspect of hedgehog travel is that they are virtually hypo-allergenic. Hedgehogs are very clean animals, and because they do not have fur, they have little to no dander. Unlike cats and dogs, it is uncommon to be allergic to a hedgehog, whereas 6 out of 10 people are allergic to cats or dogs on varying levels.

On top of being safe allergy-wise, hedgehogs do not make noise, other than the occasional sneeze or itch. They do not bark, meow, whine, growl, hiss, or scratch at their cages, as cats and dogs may do. In fact, hedgehogs sleep most of the time, meaning that traveling with a hedgehog is essentially like traveling with a very small, spiny stuffed animal. Hedgehogs can safely be tucked into an airline-approved carrier, just like a cat or small dog, making them as easy, if not easier to travel with. 

Please help correct the major American airline companies' thoughts about hedgehogs and help get them approved for in-cabin airline travel! I cannot bear to think about traveling across the country and leaving my best friend behind. Help Heloïse (and other cute hedgie friends!) be allowed to travel with their families!

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