Bring Bini the Bunny back to America's Got Talent

Bring Bini the Bunny back to America's Got Talent

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Kathrine Merphi started this petition to America's Got Talent and

On July 20th 2021, Bini the Bunny made history by being the first rabbit ever to perform on America's Got Talent and pass the audition in front of a live audience.

Bini showed off many tricks including Round, Bowling, a Basketball Slam Dunk, Playing Piano, and pressing the Golden Buzzer. The last two were cut out of the episode and were hidden from the viewers.

Instead, AGT production decided to make a joke out of the rabbit and the rabbit community. They edited the audition to make it look more extreme, and far worse than it really was (more info at the bottom). Simon uttered rude/uneducated words against rabbits which are insults for any rabbit owner "...he is a rabbit they just like go to the garden", and when the trainer tried to talk about the amazing things the rabbit does (for example painting) Simon added, "he can't". And “rabbits are not capable of those things”.

We just learned that Simon gave his final ruling, and Bini won't be continuing to the live auditions which is the next step in the AGT competition. 

We demand that Simon and NBC apologize to the rabbit community and learn how super intelligent rabbits are. He should read more about Bini and other rabbits to understand the truth about how smart they are. 

We demand AGT to bring Bini back to the show and get a second unedited chance to perform.
We want to watch the full, unedited, REAL original audition of Bini the Bunny.

Bini's trainer, Shai Lighter said at the beginning of the audition "I came here to show that rabbits are intelligent and deserve more respect!"

AGT in response edited the act to show how the rabbit fails, and Simon gave zero respect to the rabbit and the rabbit community. 

More about the cut / edited airing of the audition: 

  • They showed on TV what Bini didn't do to leave some time for a laugh at the rabbit. But tricks that he did do, they cut and didn't show - for example the golden buzzer trick (how do we know? at the end of the audition you can hear Howie say "but he pressed the button!")  and the piano playing (AGT added a picture of Bini playing the piano on stage, why wasn't it on TV? Why did production only show the bad parts?
  • They added clown music to the act itself which was a different song than the one uploaded to Bini’s channel.
  • They "copy / pasted" the trainer saying "we'll get back to this" 3 times, even though it was probably said only once or twice.

Now we all saw Bini performing on the Gong Show in front of a live audience and the audition there was perfect, so anything that didn't go through on AGT, we have AGT production to blame. 

Please reshare so everyone learns the truth and please give Bini a second shot.

We are waiting for an apology to the rabbit community.

Please sign this petition in support of giving our sweet Bini the Bunny a second chance!

Kathrine, mother of 7 adorable rabbits, fan of Bini the Bunny, rabbit lover.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!